Prague’s underground will make its mysterious world accessible


Prague’s underground corridors are tens of kilometers long, and some of them will become new tourist routes this summer. Beneath the surface of Prague, there is a technical rarity: such a complex system of underground corridors as exists in Prague cannot be found anywhere in the world. A visit to the underground will consist of four tourist routes. You will not be able to buy any souvenirs, but you will find waiting for you a helmet and a waterproof jacket.

The underground can be accessed using an elevator or staircase. The route going under Senovážné Square and the Central Bank will also include a visit to the main control center and a ride in a pit car up to I. P. Pavlov Square. The second route will start at the U Rotta building, where the historical arches are preserved, and will end at Karlova Street. The third route will go under the Na Příkopě Street and exit in Slovanský dům. The fourth and last corridor will take visitors under Celetná Street and up to the Old Town Square.

Contact address:

Kolektory Praha a.s.
Senovážné náměstí 11
110 00 Praha 1
+420 272 184 111

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