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8. 4. 2017

Ungelt – Tyn Courtyard (Ungelt – Týnský dvur)

One of the places of a great historical value. A block of houses among the Tynska, Stupartska and Mala Stupartska streets. » More »

7. 4. 2017

The House of the Black Madonna

We will visit the area of the Old Town in this article, this time the place between Celetná street and the Fruit Market where one of the most significant Czech Cubist architectural works is to be found. » More »

Pha1 - Staroměstská radnice_web001

7. 4. 2017

The Old Town Hall was founded in 1338

The Old Town Hall (Staroměstská radnice) was founded in 1338. It is comprised of 5 individual houses which were gradually joined together into one building.The dominating feature of the Old Town Hall is its 69.5m high tower dating from the late 14th century, with an ornate oriel window, part of the chapel, on the eastern side. » More »

PHA-Dům u Černé Matky Boží02

6. 4. 2017

THE BLACK MADONNA HOUSE – Museum of Czech cubism

ikona_disabled22The Black Madonna House of is situated at the corner of Celetná Street and Ovocný trh. It was built in 1911 – 1912 by the architect Josef Gočár in the cubist style. With some exceptions, cubist architecture is specific to the Czech lands and this building is one of the best examples. » More »

31. 3. 2017

Ungelt – center of mercantile life

Ungelt alias Týnský dvůr (Týnský Yard) is one of the most precious monuments of Prague. It is located close to the Old Town Square. And what actually was the purpose of a mercantile yard in the past? Why thousands of merchants from all over the world streamed into its gates? » More »

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31. 3. 2017

Týn School in the Old Town Square – description and history

Týnská škola (eng: Týn School) neighbouring on Dům U Kamenného zvonu (eng: House at the Stone Bell) has always been an educational institution. This significant function has belonged to it already since the 13th century. What the school had looked like in the time of its founding and what changes it had been through until the present day will be discussed in the following article.

» More »

Pražský hrad

31. 3. 2017

Prague Castle is an unmissable part of any visit to the Czech capital.

ikona_disabled22Prague Castle is an unmissable part of any visit to the Czech capital. It symbolises a thousand years of history. It was founded in 880 – 890 as a Romanesque fort, the remnants of which can still be found under the paving stones on the third courtyard. » More »

15. 3. 2017

Former Presidential House Prague Castle

During your tour in the Prague gardens don’t forget to visit a Queen Anne’s Summer Palace, and then you should have a look at the nearby singing fountain or interesting garden statues, as well as the building of the ball game hall. As good experts of the Prague Castle Royal Gardens you shouldn’t leave out the view of the presidential house, located in the south-western part of the park. You may know it is the villa of second prezident of Czechoslovakia  Dr. Eduard Benes. Both names refer to one and the same building, where all presidents of our country lived from 1938 to . Both names refer to one and the same building, where all presidents of our country lived from 1938 to 1989. » More »

13. 3. 2017

The House of the Black Madonna – Curiosities and legends

The House of the Black Madonna is located on the Royal Route close to the Powder Gate. You will learn about the curiosities and legends in this article which are related to this exceptional house. » More »

Petrin - Hvezdarna0204

8. 2. 2016

Štefánik´s Observatory in Petrin Hill

Štefánik´s Observatory situated at Petřín in Prague is opened to the public for day and night sky observations and explains the knowledge of astronomy to its visitors. » More »