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11. 4. 2017

The Nuselsky Bridge as a Temptation for 300 Self-Murderers

For Praguers it was really a special occasion. Communist prominence were proud of socialism and of working-class glamorous labour abilities. Some thirty-seven years ago Secretary General of the Communist party, Gustav Husák, proudly cut the red band when having been celebrating the Nuselský bridge´s opening. It spans the Nusle Valley (Nusle district) and connects the Pankrác district and south-eastern parts of the city with the central part of town. » More »

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11. 4. 2017

Schwarzenberg Palace – The Pearl of the Renaissance architecture

In Hradčanské Square you will find the pearl among the Renaissance houses of Prague. However, to classify it as a house is not exact because it is a really impressive palace. Would you like to know which palace we are mentioning? Schwarzenberg Palace, the residence of the National Gallery in Prague.

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Prague 1 - Karolinum

11. 4. 2017

Charles University Carolinum (Karlova Universita Karolinum)

Karolinum is the centre of  the Charles University in Prague which was founded by the emperor Charles IV in 1348 being the first university in the central Europe. The university was not only the centre of the intelligence but also religious and political life was concentrated in it for generations, not exclusively Czech. » More »

Nový obrázek

11. 4. 2017

The Church of St Nicholas dominates Lesser Town Square (Malostranské náměstí)

The Church of St Nicholas dominates Malostranské Square. The church is one of the most exquisite baroque buildings anywhere in Europe and is built on the grand principle of interlocking ellipsoids. » More »

11. 4. 2017

Rotunda of the Holy Cross – centre of the unique urbanistic cross of the old Prague

Pha1 - rotunda sv. kříže04Today our way will lead back to the Old Town again. Walking through the old buildings around the corner of the streets Konviktská and Karoliny Světlé we will find the hidden Prague´s oldest Romanic rotunda. Let´s take a look over the walls of the Rotunda of the Holy Cross. » More »


11. 4. 2017


A Marian pilgrimage place with a copy of the Italian Santa Casa (G. Orsi, 1626 – 1627) including also the baroque Church of the Nativity of Our Lord (K. I. Dienzenhofer, 1734 – 1735). » More »


10. 4. 2017

NERUDOVA STREET – picturesque street is the main road linking the Malá Strana and Hradčany

This steep, picturesque street is the main road linking the Malá Strana and Hradčany. It was once part of the Royal Way, the route sovereigns would follow up to Prague Castle on the day of their coronation. The street has a distinctly baroque appearance, but many of the houses date back to medieval times. » More »

PHA-Dům u kamenného zvonu07

9. 4. 2017

The House at the Stone Bell

The House at the Stone Bell on the south side of the square is perhaps the most attractive building on the Old Town Square. It was probably the property of Queen Eliška Přemyslovna, the wife of King John of Luxemburg and was originally a Romanesque structure, proof of which are the 12th-century walls in the cellars. » More »

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9. 4. 2017

Old Town Square

ikona_disabled22Alongside Prague Castle the Old Town Square is the most important place in Prague. Its long history goes back to the 11th century when the square formed the crossroads of several long-distance trade routes and served as a marketplace. It was known across the whole of Europe at that time. » More »


8. 4. 2017

UNGELT – A walled courtyard housing a customs post for merchants entering the Old Town

ikona_disabled22A walled courtyard housing a customs post for merchants entering the Old Town was situated here as early as the 12th century. Every merchant had to submit his goods and pay duty (um Geld – Geld is German for Money, hence the name). In return the ruler would guarantee his safety. Customs duty was paid here until the end of the 16th century. » More »