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17. 4. 2017

The Old Jewish Cemetery in Prague´s Žižkov

Not too far from the Žižkov TV Tower in Mahlerovy sady (Mahler Gardens) the old Jewish Cemetery is to be found. It had been mentioned in many articles already and now we will finally visit the place, recall and see another of the historical places which ranks among very significant Jewish sights. » More »

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12. 4. 2017

The Botanical Garden Charles University

The Botanical Garden of Science, Charles University serves not only to teach students of botany, but also as a place for tourists and residents of Prague 2 to relax. » More »

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11. 4. 2017

The Old Town Bridge Tower is regarded as one of the most attractive medieval towers in the city

The Old Town Bridge Tower is regarded as one of the most attractive medieval towers in the city. On one side it borders on Křížovnické Square and forms the gateway to Charles Bridge. The tower was begun during the reign of Charles IV, » More »

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8. 4. 2017

Jewish Museum in Prague – description

Jewish Museum(czech: Židovské muzeum) in Prague currently administrates the world´s most extensive collections of objects with the Jewish matter. This primacy particularly belongs to the museum based on more than forty thousand of collection objects and hundreds of thousands books. The museum provides complete information mapping out the life, customs and traditions of the Jewish population in the territory of our country. » More »

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5. 11. 2014

New Jewish Cemetery

The New Jewish Cemetery situated between the streets Želivského and Nad vodovodem was founded in 1891 when the Old Jewish Cemetery located in the nearby Fibichova street had  served out. Concerning its size, this cemetery is more than ten-times larger compared to the Old Jewish Cemetery in Josefov. More than 25.000 people had been buried here. One of the largest graveyards of the Czech Republic is entered through a beautiful gate. » More »