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18. 1. 2018

Old Jewish Cemetery (Starý Židovský Hřbitov)

Pha1 - Starý židovský hřbitov07Tour of the oldest Jewish burial grounds. On your Prague tour, let me invite you to one of the most memorable burial grounds in the world, the Old Jewish Cemetery. We can reach this historically important place comfortably by walking over the Charles Bridge and then along Křížovnická street in the direction of Jan Palach square and there we will find ourselves directly in the centre of the Jewish Town. » More »

17. 1. 2018

Jewish Ceremonial Hall – building of Prague Burial Society

Praha_dům pohřebního bratrstvaA poetic Romanesque manor or a castle-like building in the Jewish town? This is not an optical illusion but it is a house of the former Ceremonial Hall and Mortuary situated at the Old Jewish Cemetery. » More »

MAiseloova s.

11. 4. 2017

THE MAISEL SYNAGOGUE – Renaissance synagogue

ikona_disabled22This Renaissance synagogue was built by the head of the Jewish community, Mordechai Maisel in 1590-93 as a private place of worship. Maisel was granted permission to build a synagogue by Emperor Rudolf II. » More »

Praha_zidovske mesto

11. 4. 2017

The High Synagogue was originally linked to the Town Hall

The High Synagogue, which can be found directly opposite the Old-New Synagogue, was built at the same time as the Jewish Town Hall next door by Mordechai Maisel in the second half of the 16th century. The Italian architect Pankrác Roder designed the building. » More »

Prazske Jezulatko

10. 4. 2017

Infant Jesus of Prague – basic information

The Church of Our Lady Victorious hides a historically valuable object that we can call the most famous Czech statue of Infant Jesus of Prague. The Infant Jesus of Prague represents Jesus Christ as a child. Come and see the beautiful statue that used to be and still the symbol of faith and hope for many. » More »

zidovska radnice101114_001

10. 4. 2017

Jewish Town Hall in Prague

Jewish Town Hall – a place where the wall clock goes counterclockwise. This old Jewish Town Hall(czech: Židovská radnice) ranks among the few monuments of Prague-Josefov which have survived the extensive demolitions related to the sanation programs of the Prague´s Jewish ghetto leading to improvement of standard of living and hygienic conditions of the commuity. » More »


9. 4. 2017

The Maisel Synagogue (Maiselova synagoga) in Prague

Through the Maisel Synagogue (czech: Maiselova synagoga) back to the 10th century and then criss-cross through Jewish history in Bohemia. This beautiful Jewish building was funded in 1590 – 1592 by a very wealthy citizen of Prague Jewish Community, the Primate Mordecai Maisel. The synagogue was supposed to serve for private purposes only for him and his family. Naturally, the building takes its name after its benefactor. It was built just thanks to privileges conferred by the Emperor Rudolf II himself. As you know from previous entries, Mordecai Maisel was the very “Court-Jew” of the Emperor. » More »

Pha1 - Staronová synagoga031

9. 4. 2017

Old New Synagogue (Staronová Synagoga)

Old New Synagogue (czech: Staronová synagoga)the oldest Jewish Gothic monument. This beautiful sacred place is one of the oldest and most valuable buildings not only in Europe but also in the whole world. The synagogue is still active. It has been used for its purposes continually since the 13th century – of course, except the period of the World War II. This synagogue ranks among the oldest Jewish Gothic buildings in the territory of the Czech Republic because its origins come from the late 1270s. Its great construction shows beautiful elements including fine brick gables among others. » More »

Pha1 - Staronova synagoga034

9. 4. 2017

The Old-New Synagogue dating back to the late 13th century

The Old-New Synagogue dating back to the late 13th century used to be the Jewish community’s main place of worship. It is one of the oldest and most beautiful Gothic buildings in Prague, and the oldest synagogue in Europe. » More »

Pha1 - Klausova synagoga03

29. 7. 2016

The Klausen Synagogue and Rabbi Löw

The Klausen  Synagogue (czech: Klausová synagoga) is another public building which Mordechai Maisel, head of the Jewish community, had built, funding the work from his own pocket. This baroque synagogue acquired its name from three small buildings called klauses, from which it was created. » More »