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Praha 2 - vysehrad01

1. 9. 2017

The terrible history of Vysehrad

Vysehrad is a place full of secrets. Still, it raises many questions for us. Be informed, when in fact the castle was built. Its past, shrouded by veils of mystery, offers writers and ordinary people several important myths and legends. From Jirasek’s work are known the legends about Princess Libuse, who ruled the Czech lands from Vysehrad, and later married Přemysl the Ploughman, the father all the Premysl family. » More »


12. 4. 2017

Emmaus, Abbey of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Jerome  (Emauzy)

The Benedictine Monastery Church of the Virgin Mary was founded by Slavs in the 14th December 1347, when Pope Clement VI granted the request of Charles IV. and gave his consent to the establishment of the monastery with the Slavonic liturgy. » More »

Pha2 -Jiráskův most001

12. 4. 2017

Alois Jirasek Square and Bridge (Jiráskovo náměstí a Jiráskův most)

Alois Jirasek Statue

The bronze statue is the work of the sculptor Karl Pokorny. It is located in a small park directly outsidethe house where the writer lived from 1903 – 1930. It was in this house  that Alois finished his famous works such as FLVěk,  Dark (well-known historical novels) » More »

The Church of St. Ignatius

12. 4. 2017

Jesuit Church of St. Ignatius in Charles Square (kostel sv. Ignáce)

The Church of St. Ignatius with the original New Town Jesuit College is ranked among one of the early Baroque buildings of Prague and is considered the third greatest Jesuit complex in Europe. The architect Carlo Lurago had chosen the main Roman Jesuit temple Il Gesù to be his model of the construction. » More »

Prague 2 - Charles Square

12. 4. 2017

Charles Square and its history I

Karlovo náměstí (former Cattle Market) is one of the largest European squares. It was founded by Charles IV, the Emperor and King of Bohemia. Let´s explore the history of the square and its attractions. » More »

Kostel sv. Jana na Skalce 05

12. 4. 2017

Church of St. John of the Little Rock (kostel sv. Jana na Skalce)

This church belongs to the smallest Baroque buildings in Prague. It was built between 1730-1738 by the architect Kilian Ignac Dientzenhofer. » More »

Praha 2 Tančící dům 10

12. 4. 2017

Dancing House (Tančící dům)

Dancing House was, is, and  probably for still some time will be one of the controversial works of modern architecture in Prague. This type of architecture emerged in the nineties. » More »

Botanická zahrada015

12. 4. 2017

The Botanical Garden Charles University

The Botanical Garden of Science, Charles University serves not only to teach students of botany, but also as a place for tourists and residents of Prague 2 to relax. » More »

Prague 2 - Charles Square

11. 4. 2017

Charles Square and its history II

Karlovo náměstí (former New Town Square or Cattle Market) is an oasis of peace in the centre of Prague. This square will dazzle not just due to its green space and park but also due to the buildings surrounding the square. Let´s explore the most familiar ones » More »

The church of Sts. Cyrillus and Method and Memorial to the Heroes of the Heydrich terror

11. 4. 2017

Events in the crypt of the church of Sts. Cyrillus and Method

The church of St. Cyrillus and Method was the witness of the last days of the heroic Czechoslovakian paratroopers. After the successfully performed assassination of the hated Deputy Reich-Protector Reinhard Heydrich the paratroopers hid in the crypt and were waiting for the situation to calm down or rather for a miracle. Unfortunatelly, no such miracle had come true and the paratroopers had been detected. Let´s tell now how it was. » More »