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23. 3. 2016

FREE Pdf Tourist guide PRAGUE CITY LINE – From Petrin Hill To Prague Castle

Dear friends, this for many the most romantic track in Prague will take you around the most beautiful part of the Prague Petřín Hill, you will not miss the Petřín Lookout Tower, Mirror Maze, Rose Garden or Strahov Monastery. You will pass the places with the most beautiful views and in case of good visibility you will see also the distant surroundings of Prague. » More »

23. 3. 2016

FREE Pdf Tourist guide PRAGUE CITY LINE – Prague 1 – best sights

Prague 1 still belongs to one of the most attractive parts of the whole Prague. Probably nowhere else you can find such a concentration of historic monuments and places where the history and romance of bygone times are all around you. Hardly anywhere you can stop and relax in numerous of beautiful trim gardens and wellkept parks. Hardly anywhere you can walk on the same paths where were walking Franz Kafka, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and the Golem of Prague or Johannes Kepler. » More »

10. 2. 2016

Vojanovy Gardens in Prague

Vojanovy sady (eng: Vojanovy Gardens) rank due its size of 2,5 hectars among the smallest and at the same time nicest and oldest Prague´s gardens. They are located in the very centre of the historical Prague. The gardens are surrounded by a high build-up area of houses and walls which protect them from the city noice and create a completely intimate ambient. The first impression a visitor gets is total silence and peace. Should the visitor have an a priori feeling that it is necessary to see free nature or have an attractive view this impression will pass soon. He/she feels will namely feel perfectly alone in these gardens. » More »

Petrin - Hvezdarna0204

8. 2. 2016

Štefánik´s Observatory in Petrin Hill

Štefánik´s Observatory situated at Petřín in Prague is opened to the public for day and night sky observations and explains the knowledge of astronomy to its visitors. » More »

Praha - Vrtbovska zahrada101017_028

24. 1. 2016

Vrtbovská Garden in Prague

Our next stop on our excursion to the gardens of the Prague Petřín will concern one of the most beautiful and visited gardens of Petřín Hill. Vrtbovská Garden is one of the four Baroque gardens completing the beauty of Petřín. Let´s visit the garden which is said to be the most beautiful garden of its kind in the north direction from the Alps. » More »

Orloj - kalendarni deska024

27. 8. 2015

The Old Town Astronomical Clock – calendar board

Underneath the astronomical dial of Staroměstský orloj a gorgeous, historically very precious calendar is to be found. Besides the signs of the Zodiac the calendar determines the individual days and months but also the significant church holidays. The calendar contains allegories with pastoral theme. We will explain now how the whole calendar works. » More »

Orloj - Astrolab002

20. 8. 2015

Old Town Astronomical Clock – the astronomical dial

Understanding all the functions of the Old Town Astronomical Clock(czech: Orloj) is very difficult. With help of its numerous components, indicators and symbols it is not just possible to determine the time but, for instance, also the current Zodiacal sign, positions of the Sun or Moon and many more facts. To help you understand the Old Town astronomical Clock better we will teach you to recognize some of its functions. » More »

Pha1 - Staromak_Orloj110330_038

19. 8. 2015

The Old Town Astronomical Clock – what is hidden inside

The Old Town Astronomical Clock works with help of many toothed wheels and little wheels that make the individual devices and appliances move. These parts together create the technical centre of the clock on which its function depends completely. Let´s learn more about this sophisticated system now. » More »

Petrin Hill

12. 8. 2015

History of Petrin Hill in Prague

One of the most popular tourist targets of Prague is a hill in the very centre called Petřín. It is an important hill offering not just the view of the whole city but it is also located close to the Prague Castle. Petřín is full of attractions and sights. Today we will focus only on its history. » More »

Petrin - Zahrada Nebozizek110416_001

10. 8. 2015

Petrin Hill – Nebozízek Garden

The next garden of Petřín and one of the funicular stops are called alike – Nebozízek. It is a garden stretching between the Hunger Wall, the funicular and Újezd. It is a place for pleasant walks and with a beautiful view of Prague. » More »