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11. 1. 2018

Kranner´s Fountain

Krannerova kašna092009You are walking along Smetana Embankment and suddenly you see a strange building looking like an arrow. You come closer and find out that you are standing at a fountain. It is Kranner´s Fountain. Let´s discover more about this unusual and due to its appearance exceptional building. » More »

Praha Kampa

6. 1. 2018

Kampa Island is one of the most idyllic and tranquil places in the Czech capital

ikona_disabled22Kampa Island is one of the most idyllic and tranquil places in the Czech capital. The island is divided into two visibly distinct parts. The section nearest to Charles Bridge is formed by a small, cosy square; the second is a park, formed when several historical gardens were joined together. » More »

28. 12. 2017

Kampa Island – the origin of Prague Venice

Praha KampaToday we will learn about the origin of one of the most sought places which is located close to the Charles Bridge. It is the Kampa Island – a very  popular place for walks. The history of Prague Venice is very interesting so we will find out more about it now. » More »

Pha3 - Vitkov_pamatnik_Slavnostni sal110306_001

17. 4. 2017

National Memorial at Vítkov – the interior

In order to complete the sightseeing of the Memorial at Vítkov we need to peep in at the interior of the building. You will certainly be pleasantly surprised to see what kind of rooms are hidden behind its walls. They are not just spaces determined for pious acts but also many representative halls. » More »

Pha3 - Vojenske muzeum_110306_003

16. 4. 2017

Army Museum in Žižkov

Armádní muzeum (Army Museum) in Prague district Žižkov has been through many changes during its existence. In every historic period the expositions were changed and  transformed. Let´s together see the collections related to the significant war events. » More »

15. 3. 2017

Gardens of the Prague Castle

The Prague Castle premises are not surrounded only by significant historical buildings. There are many gardens and little parks all the way round whose green and colorful blossoms create a peftect scenery. » More »