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Národní památník (National Memorial) at Vítkov

17. 4. 2017

Národní památník (National Memorial) at Vítkov

The National Memorial at Vítkov ranks among the greatest Žižkov view points. The memorial had been through many interesting moments in its history. It served as commemoration for legionaries, it turned into a storage place of Wehrmacht´s military material, it was used for the propaganda of the communist regime and currently a museum of the modern Czech and Czechoslovak history is located there. Let´s look closer at this remarkable building. » More »

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17. 4. 2017

Former mausoleum of the first communist president Klement Gottwald

After death of the first communist Czechoslovak president the Communist Party decided to embalm his body and expose it to the public after the fashion of Lenin. For this purpose the  Mausoleum was established at Prague´s Vítkov. » More »

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17. 4. 2017

National Memorial at Vítkov – the interior

In order to complete the sightseeing of the Memorial at Vítkov we need to peep in at the interior of the building. You will certainly be pleasantly surprised to see what kind of rooms are hidden behind its walls. They are not just spaces determined for pious acts but also many representative halls. » More »

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16. 4. 2017

Army Museum in Žižkov

Armádní muzeum (Army Museum) in Prague district Žižkov has been through many changes during its existence. In every historic period the expositions were changed and  transformed. Let´s together see the collections related to the significant war events. » More »

Church of Sts. Cyrillus and Method

12. 4. 2017

Church of Sts. Cyrillus and Method and the assassination of Heydrich

The original church dedicated to St. Karel Boromejský was not dedicated to its current patrons Sts. Cyrillus and  Method until 1935 after it had been modified  for the needs of the Czechoslovakian Orthodox Church. » More »

31. 3. 2017

Prague Castle – Convent of St. George

The Original Burial-Ground of Premysl Family. Today, we will visit the Convent of St. George, the former female Benedictine convent situated in the Prague Castle premises. We can see it nearby the high towers of the Basilica of St. George. The basilica forms an integral part of this convent. It was founded in 921 and it is the depository of remains of St. Ludmila. So, let us set out on a tour of the convent. » More »

10. 4. 2016

Botanic Garden in Prague Troja

You will find places in Prague that will surprise you by their beauty and diversity. Botanic Garden in Prague – Troja is definitely one of them. You will find here a tropical greenhouse with exotic plants, open air expositions divided into Japanese Garden, wetlands, Ornamental Garden, North American prairie etc. Everybody will certainly find their cup of tea here. » More »

3. 11. 2010

Prague Castle Picture Gallery

In order to learn something more about significant Czech historical heritage we will visit now the Picture Gallery, located in the Prague Castle. Behind its walls are hidden treasures, which are part of the famous collections of Emperor Rudolf II. It is almost unbelievable that some pieces were found again, and returned back to Prague Castle.

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31. 10. 2010

Prague Castle – The supreme Burgrave’s house

A building called the old Burgrave’s house you can see when you reach Jirska Street. You will be captivated by four coats-of- arms(heraldry) of the supreme burgraves that are located above the entrance gateway. They originate from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. These are coats-of-arms of Adam of Wallenstein, Jaroslav Borita of Martinic, John Joseph of Vrtba and Karl Egon of Furstenberg. So, let’s go on.

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24. 2. 2010


The exposition keeps track of the development of Czech art from the year 1989 up to the present day. » More »