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Pha1 - Kostel sv. Jakuba031

14. 3. 2017

St. James Church and the Minorite Monastery – a place of many legends

The church and the monastery belong to the oldest Gothic monuments of Prague. They hide in its walls the unique crypt and tomb stone of the lords of Mitrovice which are considered one of the most beautiful in Bohemia. The church stretches between the Old Town Square and the Republic Square in Prague. » More »

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8. 1. 2017

Church of St. Francis of Assisi

If you take a walk along the Royal Route, you will also reach Křížovnické náměstí (Knight of the Cross Square) in Prague. And where exactly is the square to be found?  There is Klementinum on one side of the square and Charles Bridge(czech:  Karlův most) on the opposite. Another view point is the church of St. Francis of Assisi(czech: kostel sv. Františka z Assisi) and we will learn more about this one right now. » More »

23. 3. 2016

FREE Pdf Tourist guide PRAGUE CITY LINE – From Petrin Hill To Prague Castle

Dear friends, this for many the most romantic track in Prague will take you around the most beautiful part of the Prague Petřín Hill, you will not miss the Petřín Lookout Tower, Mirror Maze, Rose Garden or Strahov Monastery. You will pass the places with the most beautiful views and in case of good visibility you will see also the distant surroundings of Prague. » More »

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11. 2. 2011

Church of St. Gall was present in the coronation feasts of the kings of Bohemia

In place where there are the streets Havelská and Rytířská these days, namely between mezi Uhelný and Ovocný trh (Coal and Fruit Markets), the so-called Svatohavelské tržiště (St. Gall´s Market Place) used to be in the past (in the 13th century). This remarkable centre was joined to the Old Town Square and Železná ulice (Iron Street). The street was noted as a residential place of Prague´s significant ironmongers. » More »

Petrin - Kostelik Sv. Michala101010_006

10. 2. 2011

St. Michael´s Church in Kinský Garden

It is hard to believe that there is a genuine wooden orthodox church on the Petřín slope.. Let´s transfer to Kinský Garden where the church is to be found. This otrhodox church was several times in its history decomposed and transferred and we will tell you where and why. » More »

Pha1 - kostel sv. Havla101026_001

10. 2. 2011

Church of St. Gall

Our next stop in our sacral monuments expedition will take place in the Old Town of Prague. This time our target will be kostel svatého Havla (church of St. Gall) called after a significant Irish missionary. Let´s visit the place of the final rest of a remarkable painter of the Baroque period. » More »

2. 1. 2011

Prague Castle – Basilica of St. George

Basilica of St. George is another sacred landmark located in the premises of Prague Castle. Now we will visit the second Prague´s Christian church. Let´s not hesitate and explore one of the most important Romanesque monuments. » More »

22. 11. 2010

Church of the Virgin Mary and St. Charles the Great and the Czech Police Museum

Our further excursion in the tracks of the significant sacred monuments of Prague will take us to Karlov today where there has been a proud gorgeous Church of the Virgin Mary and St. Charles the Great for centuries. Let´s discover the beauty of the splendid Baroque premises with the beautiful Broque church and the Czech Police Museum which is very popular with the tourists. » More »

14. 11. 2010

St. Apollinaire Church

St. Apollinaire Church (kostel sv. Apolináře) belongs to the significant monuments of Prague 2. This unique landmark is popular with tourists not just because of its architectonic curiosities but it is mainly a place where the public maternity clinic was opened in 1789. The church is also located close to the University Campus at Albertov of Prague. » More »

Pha2 - muzeum policie021

7. 5. 2010

18.Church of the Virgin Mary and Saint Charlemagne – Police Museum (kostel panny Marie a svatého Karla velikého – muzeum Policie)

At mount Charles – Mons Sancti Caroli – The highest point of the New Town of Prague, Charles IV. built a church in honor of St. Charlemagne(meaning Charles the Great; 2 April 742 – 28 January 814) and a monastery for the canons regular of St. Augustine. » More »