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18. 1. 2018

St. Agnes Convent – Legends and other curiosities

Praha 1 - Anežský klášter09008Let´s take a look with help of this article at the legends and curiosities of this convent. » More »

18. 1. 2018

St. Agnes Convent

Praha 1 - Anežský klášter09008During our walk along the river Vltava through the street Na Františku which stretches directly accross the E. Beneš Embankment we will visit another of the very important landmarks. On the right the St. Agnes Convent(also Convent of st. Agnes of Bohemia) rises proudly. Let´s go towards the history of another gem of the Old Town. » More »

17. 1. 2018

St. Castullus Church (kostel sv. Haštala) – Retracing the grave of St. Agnes of Bohemia and other curiosities

Praha 1 - kostel sv. Haštala09010There are many mysterious and interesting phenomenons related to the Church of St. Castullus. One of the most significant secrets is the possible grave of the Czech woman saint –Saint Agnes of Bohemia (Czech: Svatá Anežka Česká), or Agnes of Prague (1211 – March 6, 1282) » More »

17. 1. 2018

St. Castullus Church (kostel sv. Haštala)

Praha 1 - kostel sv. Haštala09004Our today´s walk towards significant monuments of Prague will take us to the Old Town again. If we go in the north direction from Dlouhá road or through the west side from Revoluční road we will get to so-called Haštalská čtvrť (Castullus Quarter/ Prague district). The name is however not quite official because it was derived from the parish settlement of St. Castullus Church(kostel sv. Haštala). Let´s not hesitate, the Gothic church is already waiting for us. » More »

11. 1. 2018

St. Thomas Church in the Lesser Town

kostel sv. Tomáše091001Today we will visit Letenská street close to the Lesser Town Square where we can find the beautiful eight hundred years old church of St. Thomas. There are not just artificial treasures but also relics of significant people hidden inside of the church. » More »

11. 1. 2018

St. Nicolas Cathedral in Lesser Town

chrám sv. Mikuláše091003St. Nicolas Cathedral  with the attached group of buildings is the dominating point of the whole Lesser Town Square. The cathedral belongs to our and European most beautiful Baroque constructions whose principle are the intersecting ellipsoids. » More »


12. 4. 2017

Emmaus, Abbey of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Jerome  (Emauzy)

The Benedictine Monastery Church of the Virgin Mary was founded by Slavs in the 14th December 1347, when Pope Clement VI granted the request of Charles IV. and gave his consent to the establishment of the monastery with the Slavonic liturgy. » More »

Kostel sv. Jana na Skalce 05

12. 4. 2017

Church of St. John of the Little Rock (kostel sv. Jana na Skalce)

This church belongs to the smallest Baroque buildings in Prague. It was built between 1730-1738 by the architect Kilian Ignac Dientzenhofer. » More »

Pha1 - Kostel sv. Martina ve zdi0615

11. 4. 2017

Church of St. Martin in the Wall – a place of several rarities

Now we will together visit the Prague´s Old Town church with its rich past and full of other curiosities. » More »

Pha1 - Kaple Betlemska10521_006

11. 4. 2017

The Bethlehem Chapel – basic information

The Bethlehem Chape (czech: Betlémská kaple) l is a symbol of reinforcement of the national awareness. It became the domestic scene of Master Jan Hus, one of the most significant reformers of all times. The Bethlehem Chapel which raised again after its demolition like the mythological Phoenix from the ashes, is nowadays used for graduations and matriculations of the university students. » More »