The coronation feast – the entire part of the coronation – Prague Castle

King Wenceslas II. at  the feast

Just like any other festive acts also the coronation was accompanied by a festive feast. Let´s discover what was actually going on after the new monarch had left the St. Vitus Cathedral.

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Old Royal Palace- House of the parliament (the Diet) The coronation feasts usually took place in the Old Royal Palace to which a festively decorated route with decorative red and white draperies. was leading. The opening and the end of the feast was accompanied by a prayer which used to be a tradition of the festive events.

The festive board
Significant guests
were sitting round the table so it was important to respect their ranks. The seating plan at the festive board was determined by the social credit of the guests, by their ranks and also their age. These features had to be respected because during the feasts important agreements were made and also contacts with the neighbouring powerful people. The highest representatives were sitting in the forefront of the table. The guests were sitting with their faces towards the new sovereign, never with their backs, therefore some places round the table remained empty.

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Old Royal Palace  -  Vladislav Hall What did the feast look like?
The feasts originally took place in the Old Chamber from where they were later moved to the Vladislav Hall. The coronation hall was festively decorated, too. The king´s table, coated in a precious Turkish carpet, potažení used to stand with its back towards the staircase. There used to be a small table serving for placing the coronation jewels aside. The chief chamberlain was further responsible for the jewels. The other guests sat down round the twelve long tables where each of the highest land officers was sitting, too. So the total was one hundred and fifty guests.  There were also another feasting halls beside this one.

After the king sat down to his table the feast could be started. Directly the festive beatifully decorated meals were served, many a time with the jewels from the royal treasury. The greatest delicacies that were available in the kingdom were served. They were meant to show the prosperity and wealth of the new monarch.

At the end a prayer was given again, the king ritually washed his hands and he left to change from his festive robe. As soon as the king left the hall the coronation feast was over.


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Performance of the feasts King Wenceslas II. at  the feast
Beside the Vladislav Hall the feasts took place also in other parts of Prague. At the end of the 13th century a timber palace was built between Petřín and the river Vltava for the coronation feast of Wenceslas II. It was the so-called Imperial Meadow. The coronation of Charles IV. and his wife Blanca took place in another timber house, this time in St. Gall´s Market in the Old Town. The coronation feast of his parents, John of Luxembourg and Elisabeth of Přemyslides, took place in St. James Church.

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