Road Traffic in Prague

Road Traffic

The Highway Code in the Czech Republic is basically the same as in other European countries. However, the following should be kept in mind:

* drive on the right side
* safety belts must be fastened both in and outside towns and villages
* car safety seats are obligatory for children up to 36 kg or 150 cm
* maximum speed for passenger vehicles is 90 kmph, in towns and villages 50 kmph, and 130 kmph on motorways
* to drive under the influence of alcohol is prohibited
* motor vehicles must be alight also in the day-time (since 1st July 2006 all the year round)
* for driving on highway the toll sticker must be applied. The appropriate special stick-on label can be bought at border crossings, post offices or fuel stations

Price of highway toll stickers in Kc:

vehicle 1 year 1 month 7 days
up to 3,5 t 1000,- 330,- 220,-
3,5 – 12 t 8000,- 2000,- 750,-

* since January 1st, 2007, the toll has been established for the vehicles above 12 tons. The obligation of these vehicles to have a time sticker (highway toll sticker) stuck on the windscreen has been abolished and replaced by the electronic withdrawal. For the details see

Important Telephone Numbers

Emergency Call – phone 112
Czech Police – phone 158
Municipal Police – phone 156 (Information on towed vehicles)
Medical emergency – phone 155

Emergency Service – Road and Wrecking Nonstop Services

ABA – Autoklub Bohemia Assistance – phone 1240
Ustredni automotoklub – phone 1230
Servis 24 – phone 261 104 477 (for buses, coaches, lorries and trucks)
Skoda Assistance – phone 261 104 666