The P+R parking lots suggest exactly, „park and ride“ by the city transport (underground – Metro). Thereby, the parking problems in the city center can be avoided. These parking lots are guarded and the fee is 10 CZK for the whole time of parking. The users of parking, who have not a season-ticket or right to free transport are obliged to buy a ticket for city public transport (at the advantageous price of 40 CZK for a transfer return ticket and 80 CZK for a day-ticket).
The parking is practicable from 4 a.m. to 1 a.m. of the following day (termination of the operation time of Metro).
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The parking lots P + R are situated near the following Metro stations:

A-line – station Depo Hostivar, Skalka I and II
B-line – station Zlicín I and II
B-line – station Nové Butovice
B-line – station Palmovka
B-line – station Rajská Zahrada
B-line – station Cerny Most I and II
C-line – station Letnany
C-line – station Ládví
C-line – station Nádrazí Holesovice
C-line – station Opatov
C-line – station Chodov

and near the railway stations:
Praha – Radotín
Praha – Bechovice

Public Parking Garages – selection

Praha 1, namesti Jana Palacha
Praha 1, Ostrovni (the National Theater)
Praha 1, nam. Republiky 8 (Kotva department store)
Praha 1, V Celnici 7 (Hotel Hilton Prague Old Town)
Praha 1, V Celnici 10 (Millenium Plaza)
Praha 1, namesti Curieovych 5 (InterContinental Hotel)
Praha 1, Opletalova 9 (near Wenceslas Square)
Praha 1, Wilsonova (Main Railway Station)
Praha 1, nám. Republiky 1 (Palladium)
Praha 2, Václavská 18
Praha 2, Wilsonova 77 (near State Opera)
Praha 2, Vinohradska 151 (Flora)
Praha 3, Taboritska 23 (Olsanka Hotel)
Praha 3, Vinohradska 157 (Don Giovanni Hotel)
Praha 4, Roztylská 19 (Centrum Chodov)
Praha 4, Milevska (Corinthia Panorama Hotel)
Praha 4, 5. kvetna 65 (Congress Centre)
Praha 4, 5. kvetna/Na Krivine
Praha 5, Kartouzská (OC Nový Smíchov)
Praha 5, Bozdechova (Zlaty Andel)
Praha 6, Studentská 2 (Metro Station Dejvicka)

Selected Watched Car Parks (City, selection)

Praha 1, Wilsonova (the Main Railway Station)
Praha 1, Alsovo nábrezí
Praha 1, Na Florenci
Praha 1, Malostranské námestí

Coach Parks – selection

Praha 1, Wilsonova (the Main Railway Station)
Praha 3, Jana Zelivskeho (Nákladové nadrazí Zizkov)
Praha 4, Kongresové centrum (Congress Centre)
Praha 5, Na Knízecí
Praha 6, Strahov,Vaníckova
Praha 7, nabrezí E. Benese (under the bridge – Stefánikuv most)
Praha 7, Letenská plan
Praha 8, Rohanské nábrezí
Praha 8, Na Florenci
Praha 8, Tesnov (near Opera hotel)

Stops for Tourist Coaches – for 10 minutes at maximum (only for the tourists to get off añd on the bus)

Praha 1, Dlabacov
Praha 1, Keplerova
Praha 1, Jelení
Praha 1, Mariánské hradby
Praha 1, nábrezí E. Benese (under the bridge – Cechuv most)
Praha 1, Na Florenci
Praha 1, U Bruskych Kasáren
Praha 1, Wilsonova (the Main Railway Station)
Praha 2, Resslova
Praha 4, Kongresové centrum
Praha 5, Vitezná (Most Legii)
Praha 6, Milady Horákové (Na Valech Street)

Caravans are allowed only in campsites

Parking Zones in the City Center

The center of Prague district is divided into 3 parking zones – orange, green and blue.

* The Orange Zone
Maximum time of parking is 2 hours. Charges: cca Kc 40 per hour.
* The Green Zone
Maximum time of parking 6 hours. Charges: cca Kc 30 per hour.
Both zones are equipped with coin-operated parking meters for coins of Kc 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 or 50. Operating instructions are attached to the parking meters.
* The Blue Zone
Long-term parking zone is designed exclusively for local residents or companies based in this district. Only vehicles with a parking card can park there.