Prague transport

Where to ask for information? How does the city transport in Prague operate? Prague City Transport Fares. Tourist tickets. Addresses.
Emergency Services. Important Telephone Numbers. Car Repair Shops. Car Rental Companies.
Parking Garages. Stops for Tourist Coaches. Parking Lots for Caravans and Campers.
Railway Stations. Coach Stations….etc.

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Your Way to Prague


City Transport in Prague

The major city-transport carrier in Prague is Dopravni podnik hl. m. Prahy, a.s. (The Capital City of Prague Transport Company). Its total annual transportation volume is more than one billion passengers. They are served by the system of underground, trams and buses.


Parking in Prague

The P+R parking lots suggest exactly, „park and ride“ by the city transport (underground – Metro). Thereby, the parking problems in the city center can be avoided. These parking lots are guarded and the fee is 10 CZK for the whole time of parking. The users of parking, who have not a season-ticket or right to free transport are obliged to buy a ticket for city public transport (at the advantageous price of 40 CZK for a transfer return ticket and 80 CZK for a day-ticket).
The parking is practicable from 4 a.m. to 1 a.m. of the following day (termination of the operation time of Metro).


Taxi in Prague

The maximum prices for taxi services in the district of the capital city of Prague:

* ride in the district of the capital city of Prague 28,- Kc/1 km
* boarding fee 40,- Kc
* waiting 6,- Kc/1min.


Road Traffic in Prague

The Highway Code in the Czech Republic is basically the same as in other European countries. However, the following should be kept in mind:


Coaches in Prague

Information on coach schedules (nonstop):

Important coach stations in Prague are as follows:

Florenc – Praha 8, Krizikova (Metro lines B and C, Florenc station)
Na Knizeci – Praha 5, Nadrazni (Metro B-line, Andel station)
Holesovice – Praha 7, Partyzanska (Metro C-line, Nadrazi Holesovice station)
Roztyly – Praha 4, Rysaveho (Metro C-line, Roztyly station)
Cerny Most – Praha 9 (Metro B-line, Cerny Most station)


Railway Traffic in Prague

Nonstop information on railway schedules – phone 840 112 113

Important railway stations in Prague:

Hlavni (Wilsonovo) nadrazi (the Main Railway Station) – Praha 2, Wilsonova (Metro C-line, Hlavni nadrazi station)
Masarykovo nadrazi (Masaryk Railway Station) – Praha 1, Hybernska (Metro B-line, Namesti Republiky station)
Smichovske nadrazi (Smichov Railway Station) – Praha 5, Nadrazni (Metro B-line, Smichovske nadrazi station)
Praha-Holesovice – Praha 7, Partyzanska (Metro C-line, Nadrazi Holesovice station)

Information on coach schedules (nonstop):


Road Distances from Prague

Road distances from Prague to some of the cities in the Czech republic


Air Transport

The Praha Ruzyne airport is located northwest of the outskirts of Prague, some 20 kilometers from the city center.


Shipping Transport – River Cruises

Since 1865 the oldest shipping company in Prague has been Prazska paroplavebni spolecnost (Prague Steamboat Company), which has the largest fleet of passenger ships on the Vltava River. If water level and weather conditions permit, the company offers regular lines to famous leisure areas in Prague surroundings such as Stechovice, Melnik or Slapy Dam, Stromovka (ZOO – Zoological garden), sightseeing voyages in Prague; ship rentals and individual voyages per order.