The Klausen Synagogue and Rabbi Löw

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The Klausen  Synagogue (czech: Klausová synagoga) is another public building which Mordechai Maisel, head of the Jewish community, had built, funding the work from his own pocket. This baroque synagogue acquired its name from three small buildings called klauses, from which it was created.

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The first of these buildings housed Rabbi Löw’s famous Talmudic School, the second a synagogue and the third was used as a hospital linked to the ritual baths and an organisation which looked after the sick – later the Jewish funeral service.

Inside the building we find exquisite stucco work and cylindrical vaulting with four pairs of lunettes.

The synagogue now houses an exhibition of old Hebrew prints and manuscripts tracing the history of the Jews in central Europe since the Middle Ages.

Klausen Synagogue (Klausová synagoga)
U Staré školy 1, 110 00
110 00, Praha 1 – Staré Město/Josefov,
Tel: 222 749 211

GPS: 50.089912,14.417227

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Public Transport:
Underground/Subway – Line A,  Staroměstská station
Tram 17, 18, 53 – Staroměstská

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