Prague Castle – The Golden Lane

The Golden Lane is not a place where you could find golden pavements, streets or street illumination. This name is born by a street situated nearby the Prague Castle. But what makes it so much different from the others? It is formed by small houses with beautiful colourful facades which were built into a sort of a mural arch between the New White and Daliborka Towers. We can find it between Hradčany ramparts and the old Supreme Burgrave’s House. The lane originated in the late 16th century. At that time castle gunmen and goldbeaters settled here. Let’s have a walk along the lane, formerly known under the name Goldsmiths’ Lane.


Brief history: pha1-prazsky-hrad-zlata-ulicka003
According to an old legend, the name of the lane is associated with alchemists who used to serve at the court of the emperor Rudolph II. They were trying to find a method of gold produce. Interesting is that the legend also says that these people never lived there. In the 18th and 19th century, the lane became the residence of poor people and riff-raff instead of scientists and scholars. The houses were occupied until the World War II. The exquisite architecture evoking pleasant atmosphere had become the sanctuary for many writers and artists who were looking for inspiration. For instance in 1917 the house No 22 was occupied by Franz Kafka who wrote most of his stories from the compilation The Country Doctor here. Other famous Czech personalities used to meet in a nearby house No 12, whose walls remember for example Jaroslav Seifert, Frantisek Halas or Vitezslav Nezval.


pha1-prazsky-hrad-zlata-ulicka001 What can you see?:
In 1952-1955 the houses underwent reconstructions including their colourful facades. Nowadays some of the houses shelter fancy bookstores, souvenir and jewellery shops. You can also find here an exhibition hall situated in the sidewalk for castle g

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unmen. This defence sidewalk stretches directly above the small houses and visitors can see armour and dressing of that period there. From here you also have a view of the New White and Daliborka towers.


The Golden Lane paved with cobblestones is very narrow and those small houses remind rather play-houses than people’s dwellings. The appearance of the 16th century house is best demonstrated by house No 20. You can see here well-preserved frame floor. The original size is documented by house No 13 whose facade does not protrude into the lane at all. This is because it is the only house from the whole street adhering to the original layout, according to which the room had to be built in an arch of the wall. The cock-loft of arches of the walls is formed by defence corridor connecting the White and Daliborka Towers.

Do not hesitate and set out to the picturesque and mostly fabulous part of the capital city, to the world rich with colours, small windows and low roofs.

On Wednesday 1st June at 12.00 Golden Lane will be open again. There will be a new unique exposition.

April  – October: daily 5 – 24 h
November – March: daily 6 – 23 h
April – October: daily 9 – 17 h
November-March: daily 9 – 16 h

full 50,- Kč, family 100,- Kč
Free entrance: under 6s, groups of pupils from basic schools – accompanied, holders of ZTP cards (handicapped)

Public transport:
tram: number 1,8,15,18,20,22,26,
subway station , underground stop  –  Line A – Malostranská

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