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In order to learn something more about significant Czech historical heritage we will visit now the Picture Gallery, located in the Prague Castle. Behind its walls are hidden treasures, which are part of the famous collections of Emperor Rudolf II. It is almost unbelievable that some pieces were found again, and returned back to Prague Castle.


A little bit history
The oldest exhibits, situated in the Prague Castle Picture Gallery, dating back to the time of Emperor Rudolf II. They are pieces of the ruler’s collection, which the lover of art amassed. It is interesting that some of the exhibits, dating back to the Rudolf’s time had never left the Prague Castle. Some pieces were brought back from Vienna or England in the 17th, 18th or 19th century.


Prague Castle Picture Gallery - entrance to the Gallery from the II. courtyard The oldest exhibit is an inventory, probably originating from 1660. The Prague Castle Gallery was canceled in 1762. After formation of the Czech Republic this activity was renewed and concentrated mainly on the purchase of Czech Baroque paintings and 19th century. A new picture gallery of the Prague Castle was created in 1965, after many years of exploration and restoration work of the paintings that were previously part of the historical collections of the Prague Castle and also from completely new exhibits. The Prague Castle Picture Gallery was reopened in 1997.

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In 2001, the Prague Castle Administration bought two paintings that were reputedly painted exactly in the imperial residence of Rudolf II. Probably these exhibits were an important part of the imperial collections. Furthermore, the Picture Gallery was enriched with a precious statuette of Martha and Venus, coming from the workshop of the prominent sculptor of the Rudolph’s time, Hans Mont. What everything can we see here? The Picture Gallery contains mainly works by artists and masters who worked at the court of Emperor Rudolf II. The Picture Gallery had undergone several reconstructions in the past. Thanks to them the Picture Gallery is fully accessible to the public these days.


Prague Castle Picture Gallery - interior What everything can we see here?
The Picture Gallery contains a permanent exhibition where you can see more than a hundred top-quality pictures, which are possessions of the Prague Castle. These possessions include 4000 pictures. Thanks to the quality of its works the Prague Castle Picture Gallery can be compared with the most important European art collections. Even you can see with your own eyes a few pieces that have survived from the sixteenth century, coming from the gallery of Emperor Rudolf II., who had amassed these collections at the Prague Castle. Furthermore, the Picture Gallery contains jewels, originating from the workshops of the significant Italian, German, Dutch, Flemish and other art masters. What are you still waiting for? Art lovers, let’s go to the Castle.

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