Powder Tower(Mihulka) – the most powerful cannon tower of the castle fortifications

Another tower, which was together with Daliborka a part of the fortifications of the castle complex, is called Mihulka. It is a cylindrical stone tower that looks out on the northern part of the Prague Castle. The tower’s view to the north reveals below us the steep escarpment of the Deer Moat. Let’s step up together to the core of the most powerful cannon tower of the Castle fortification.


First some information Powder Tower(Mihulka)
A tower high 27, 4 m, was the most important of all the defensive towers of the Castle because of its fire facilities. There was build one floor more in 1522. Loopholes for firing ordnances of various calibers were placed in all four floors and five loopholes for shooting from hand weapons were located in the basement.


What everything did Mihulka go through in the past
Now something briefly about the past. The tower itself was built in the second half of the fifteenth century. The project, named the most powerful cannon tower fortifications was led by architect Benedikt Ried. What exactly did the tower serve for? We don’t have to explain very long. The answer is obvious. Of course, for defensive purposes. But the tower was used for some other things too. During the reign of Rudolf II. there was also an alchemist’s workshop. Then in the sixteenth century it served as a dungeon. In 1541 a fire broke out at the Castle. After the fire the tower was rebuilt and it was inhabited by the castle bell founder and metal – founder, Tomas Jaros. He also brought to the tower all his tools and equipment and he established his workshop here.

Powder Tower(Mihulka)- inside the tower What is the name of the tower bound up with?
You might think that you have never heard about the Mih

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ulka tower. It could be like this because it is also known as the Powder Tower. It is called like this because there was a gunpowder storehouse in the past. Gunpowder was not only stored here, but also made. Artillery shells were made in the tower too. During the invasion of the Swedish Army in 1649, gunpowder exploded and damaged very much the whole tower. But the powder was brought here again and the tower served as a warehouse until 1754. Thereafter, the sacristans of the St. Vitus Cathedral were housed here, and they stayed until the twentieth century. The name Mihulka evidently originated in the nineteenth century. In the past the tower was called not only the Powder tower but also the New tower, the Round Bastion, the Laboratory or the Swedish laboratory.

Work on the saving of the tower Powder Tower(Mihulka)
Reconstruction, which the tower underwent, lasted from 1967 to 1980. In 1982 the Mihulka was open to the public, there was established a museum. However, windows that provided view of the Deer Moat were concealed, because at that time the President Gustav Husak lived in the Presidential Residence that was located in the Royal Garden.

Since December 2004, visitors can see here a permanent exhibition of the Castle Guard and view its history and equipment


How can you get to the Mihulka?
You can get to the tower passing the Vikarska street, The passage is in the III. Courtyard next to the Cathedral of St. Vitus

Vikářská 11900
Prague Castle
Prague 1

GPS: 50 ° 5′29 .04 „N 14 ° 24′1 .08″ E

Public transport:
tram: number 1,8,15,18,20,22,26,
subway station , underground stop  –  Line A – Malostranská

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