Petřín Lookout Tower – description

Petřín Lookout Tower

Petřín Lookout Tower is an impressive construction rising high close to the Prague Castle. It is one of the constructions that inherently ranks among the famous Prague´s skyline. Let´s meet the younger sister of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

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Petřín Lookout Tower – panoramatic photography
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How it all began Petřín Lookout Tower
In 1889 the Czech Tourist Club organized a trip to the Exposition Universelle in Paris. Everybody was enchanted by the Eiffel Tower and so they decided they needed to get a similar construction built in Prague. First of all they had to find a suitable location, the most suitable place proved to be the Petřín Hill. The construction works started in March, 1891. The iron construction was made within 4 weaks based on the project of the leading engineer of the local department of the Czech-Moravian Machine-Works František Plášil and engineer Julius Souček and it was consequently delivered to Petřín.

Completion of the construction Petřín Lookout Tower
It took another two or three months to make the staircase, afterwards the tower´s highest storey was mounted. Not even four months after the works had started, on July 2nd, 1891, it was all finished. The festive opening took place on August 20th. Petřín, all decorated by the national colours, was full of people. The total weight of the lookout tower was seventy-four tons and it reached sixty meters high.

Consequently a restaurant was opened in the groundfloor of the walled pavilion. The visitors can use the outlook cabin located fifty-three meters high to enjoy the wonderful view of the whole Prague. You can get there with help of a spiral staircase. In the basement the visitors can view an exposition of the Czech Tourist Club and also an exposition of Jára Cimrman.

Opening Times
October – March: Mon – Sun 10 am – 8 pm
November – February: Mon – Sun 10 am – 6 pm
April – September: Mon – Sun 10 am – 10 pm

Opened year-long
Sightseeing takes 50 min, the exposition 20 – 30 min

Entrance Fees
Adults – 100 Kč
Children 6 – 15 years, students 15 – 26 years
(after showing their student cards), seniors from 65 years –  50 Czk
Children younger than 6 years, disabled persons (ZTP, ZTP+P), journalists – 20 Czk
Family Tickets
(max. 2 adults + max. 4 children younger than 15 years) –  250 Czk
Group of pupils
Basic schools with max. 30 pupils + max. 2 adults (after showing a confirmation issued by the basic school) –  500 Czk
group of max. 30 children incl. max 2 persons – 300 Czk
„10 Prague Monuments Pass“
a three-day ticket to all PIS objects  – 400 Czk / 200 Czk

Petřín Lookout Tower Elevator
Adults, students 15 – 26 years 50 Czk
Childern younger than 6 years, disabled persons and seniors FREE ENTRANCE

Transport Connection:
Tram: 9,12, 20, 22, 57 – Újezd station – then go by the fenicular to Petřín, then walk towards the Lookout Tower
Bus: 176, 510 – Švandovo divadlo station (then go by tram Nr. 12, 20 to Újezd station) – then go by the fenicular to Petřín, then walk towards the Lookout Tower
Bus: 143, 149, 176, 217  – Stadion Strahov station – then walk along the Strahov Dormitory towards Petřín
Metro – line B, Anděl station (then go by tram Nr. 12, 20 to Újezd station) – then go by the fenicular to Petřín, then walk towards the Lookout Tower

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GPS: 50.081194° N, 14.398222° E

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