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The newly reconstructed Kinský Garden offers beautiful experience. The garden contains many maintained tracks and paths. In this article you will explore a track with plenty of interesting attractions and sights. For instance: the funicular, sandstone rocks, pools, waterfalls, down-running stairs and also a playground.

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Map of the recommended trip through Kinský Garden

Kinský Garden (Kinského zahrada) - the sandstone rocks Track description
The track does not start directly in Kinský Garden but at the upper funicular station. From there the track continues on the left side of the pavement, directly to the Květnice Garden and towards Štefánik´s Observatory. From the Observatory continue to the next garden and then to Šermířská street. Here you will go downhill and on the left side you will see a gate to the Kinský Garden. First there will be the crossroads. need to worry, you won´t get lost, all ways will take you down towards the summer palace. The track we recommend turns left on the upper track. After several meters you will see the old Baroque fortifications on the left. The track will further take you to a small gulch lined by the sandstone rocks. Kinský Garden (Kinského zahrada) -  pond with a statue of Hercules They are not as big as in Bohemian Paradise (Český Ráj) – we are still in Prague, however only few people know about them. In the rocks the track turns towards the famous Hunger Wall. After a while you will pass a bastion (defensive tower) in the Hunger Wall.There is also a passage between the Kinský Garden and Nebozízek Garden. Our track turns right sharpely here and will take us to the overlook and further to the pool with a seal.

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Would you like to sit down for a while? The view of the pool in the city centre is just wonderful. The track continues towards the romantic church. Before we reach it you may be surprised because of the water flowing underneath your feet – it is the stairs with down-running water. Yet we are standing in front of the wooden Orthodox St. Michael´s Church. It is special because it comes from Carpathian Ruthenia where it had been decomposed and afterwards constructed in Kinský Garden again. Where to go next? Down the road again. On the right you can see the entrance of a playground. There are slides and other necessary attractions children cannot do without. Our recommended track leads downhill and after a while you will come to a small waterfall. The water running through the waterfall feeds another pool. It is the pool with Hercules according to the statue of Hercules fighting with Hydra (water serpent). Petrin Hill - Kinský Garden (Kinského zahrada) - Kinský Summer Palace On the other side of the pool you can see the main view point of the whole garden – the Kinský Summer Palace. Originally, the summer palace used to be the summer residence of the Kinský family and  nowadays it is occupied by the ethnic exposition of the National Museum. In the left direction from summer palace you will find the statue of Hana Kvapilová, a famous theatre actress. The track further continues through a flat part of the garden. On the left side there is a former carriage house called “Švýcárna“. Right at the lower gate on the left you will find another playground. And that´s the end of our trip. The gate will take you to the Kinský Square in Prague 5.

We hope you have enjoyed our track and that you will return to the beautiful places of the Prague´s Petřín Hill.

Plan of the Kinský Garden

Plan and description

1.  Entrance to the garden from the Rose Garden
2.  Rose Garden
3.  Baroque Fortifications
4.  Sandstone Rocks
5.  Hunger Wall
6.  Bastion in the Hunger Wall
7.  Overlook
8.  Remains of a restaurant
9.  Lake with a seal
10. Sundial – shrine
11. Stairs with down-running water
12. Othodox St. Michael´s Church
13. Playground
14. Pool with Hercules
15. Kinský Summer Palace – Musaion
16. Bell tower
17. Statue of Hana Kvapilová
18. Former carriage house called “Švýcárna“
19. Entrance to the garden from Kinský Square

Holečkova 98, 150 00 Praha 5

GPS: 50°4’36.776″N, 14°23’55.446″E

Bus: 176, 510 – Kobrova station
Tram: 6, 9, 12, 20, 58, 59 – (the entrance to Kinský Garden is situated close to the traffic lights, the summer palace is located on the opposite side)

Metro: B – Anděl (then by tram Nr.  12 and 20 to Švandovo divadlo station)


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