Jubilee (also Jerusalem) Synagogue in Prague

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Jubilee (also Jerusalem) Synagogue – with treasure that no other Jewish temple in the world can show off with. Jubilee Synagogue(czech: Jubilejní synagoga) is the youngest synagogue located in the premises of the Jewish Town of Prague but it is much bigger than the others. It is to be found in the New Town in Jeruzalémská street. Jubilee Synagogue was built in Moorish style and replaced Zigeuner, New and Great-Court synagogues that were demolished during the sanation and the improvement of hygienic conditions of the Jewish Town. The synagogue was completed in 1906 based on the plans of the renowned Viennese architect, worthy and experienced synagogue constructor Wilhelm Stiassny.

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The name Jubilee Synagogue in Jerusalem Street
And why was it called Jubilee(czech: Jubilejní) ? It was proposed by the Hebrew Associatio in memory of the 50th anniversary of the reign of emperor Franz Josef I. However, the name did not stay in the people´s subconsciousness too long, for it was renamed Great Synagogue(czech: Velká synagoga). Another of the synonymic titles of this building is the name Jerusalem Synagogue (czech: Jeruzalémská synagoga).

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The construction
The painting decorations, precious colored ornaments of the temple aisle and stucco structures were performed under the direction of František Fröhlich. The synagogue is built in so-called Art Nouveau Ornamentalism. The front face of the building has a typical monumental arch and a large rosetto window with the dominant element – David´s six-cornered star. On the contrary, the centre of the western front face is decorated by the Czech and Hebrew inscription: „This is the Lord´s gate, through it the just are passing. Don´t we have have one Father? Haven´t we viagra 100mg all been created by one God?“ There are two turrets on both sides of the entrance. When looking at this sanctuary many people get the impression that they are somewhere in the neighbourhood of Jerusalem instead of Prague because the facade is very colorful and we can find a great number of beautiful architectural gems here.

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About the synagogue Jubilee Synagogue in Jerusalem Street - interior
The synagogue has 850 seats and due to this immense capacity it is by right referred to as the largest synagogue of the Jewish Town of Prague. We need to notice the galleries on the sides which have separate entrances determined exclusively for women. The interior forefront of the temple is decorated by the motive of grapevine above which we can find the tablets of Moses with the Ten Commandments. After the first more extensive reconstruction in the 1990´s the synagogue was festively reopened in 1996. During this extensive reconstruction richly painted ornaments in Viennese-Secession style were discovered underneath the thick layers of plaster and old paint. No other Jewish temple around the world has such a treasure, or even gem. Jubilee Synagogue, just like the Old-New Synagogue, still serves its original purpose – for religious services.

After the already mentioned sanation reconstruction of the Jewish Town of Prague had been agreed, an association for the construction of a new synagogue which would replace the Zigeuner, Great-Court and New Synagogues in Josefov that had been determined for demolition was established in 1898. Due to departure of wealthier citizens who had been living in the Jewish ghetto until then the Jewish Town turned quickly into a deteriorating quarter of the Prague´s poor with no single disctinction in faith. The quarter was in terrible condition. It was overcrowded, the sickness rate and mortality were high and it was also an epidemic centre. That was also supported by the bad living conditions and hygiene problems. Difficult proprietary relationships of the buildings were another problem that had arisen. The reconstruction was resolved by the Sanation Act of 1893. The three mentioned synagogues had to undergo the reconstruction and the raising of the level of living of the whole quarter.

Final words
So if you make off for the new synagogue which is changing colours already from afar the most catching view will surely arise from the adjacent street U Půjčovny. The sanctuary is unfortunatelly located among buildings so you won´t see its beauty from the distance. The blue and red richly decorated facade will enchant not only the architecture lovers but all visitors of the Jewish Town of Prague.


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Walk.. Jubilee Synagogue in Jerusalem Street
There is plenty of interesting landmarks in the neighbourhood of the Jubilee Synagogue. Besides the nearby Vrchlický Park (czech: Vrchlického sady) just at the tram station Jindřišská you will see the high-rising Jindřišská Tower(czech Jindřšská věž) or the close church of St. Henry and St. Kunhuta. (czech: kostel sv. Jindřicha a Kunhuty) Unless you are about to visit these landmarks before you enter the synagogue we would advise you to walk in the direction from Wenceslas Square (czech: Václavské náměstí), where you can take pictures at the National Museum(czech Národní muzeum) or St. Wenceslas Monument (czech: pomník sv. Václava) or just relax in one of the uncountable cafés or restaurants of „Václavák“. Then you can easily walk along Jindřišká street towards the tower, from which the synagogue is a stone´s throw.

Jubilee Synagogue or Jerusalem Synagogue
Jeruzalémská 1310/7
110 00, Praha 1 – Nové Město
Telephone: +420 222 319 002

GPS: 50°5’4.961″N, 14°25’55.131″E

Visiting hours :
April 7th – October 11 am – 17 pm
open daily excl. Saturdays and Jewish holiday

Jewish Community of Prague
web: http://www.kehilaprag.cz/index.php?lang=e

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Opening hours:
April – October 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.,
The Jerusalem Synagogue is open every day except Saturdays and Jewish holidays.

Entrance fees:
Adults – 80 CZK
Under 15s and students – 50 CZK
Under 6s – free
groups with a guide – 50 CZK

Tickets can be bought at the entrance of the Jerusalem synagogue.

Public Transport:
Tram: 3, 9, 14, 24, 51, 52, 54, 55, 56, 58 – Jindřišská station

Transport connection:
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Information on Prague transport: click here
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GPS: 50°5’24.759″N, 14°25’15.653″E

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