Folly „Hvězda“


As the meaning of the name „Hvězda“ (Star) implies, this folly holds visitors‘ interest by its star-shape. It is placed in a beutiful area of park „Hvězda“. This folly has been built in 1555 and it was meant to be place for hunting feasts and celebrations. Deers, pheasants and rabits were kept in nearby chase. In 18th. century, it was partialy damaged by using as a military building and it had to wait for its renewal to the beggining of the 20th century, when it was repaired after the first world war.

Letohrádek Hvězda
Prague 6 – Liboc
Na Vypichu, v oboře
Tel: +420 235 357 938

Opening times:
April: Tue-Sun: 10-17
May-September: Tue-Sun: 10-18
October: Tue-Sun: 10-17

Entrance fee: 30 Kč / 15 Kč

Wheelchair access: yes

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