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17. 4. 2017


In the past, a splendid estate called Bezovka was to be found in Prague´s Žižkov. The estate became a significant cultural and social place. Balls, concerts and films were visited here, which helped to develop our cinematography. » More »

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17. 4. 2017

Olšanské Square

Another of the Žižkov squares is situated at the intersection of the main streets Olšanská, Prokopova, Táboritská and Jičínská, very close from Olšanské hřbitovy (Olšany Cemeteries). What is the history of this square? » More »

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17. 4. 2017

Underground shelter Bezovka

Now we will together visit a network of corridors and tunnels which are hidden deep under the ground. There are several underground shelters in the Žižkov territory but we will focus on the largest of them which is located below Parukářka hill. » More »

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17. 4. 2017

Church of St. Roch

Our today´s sightseeing concerns one of the sacral monuments in Žižkov. It is the Church of St. Roch(czech: kostel sv. Rocha) located close to Olšanské náměstí in Olšany Cemeteries. Let´s learn more about  the oldest Žižkov church. » More »

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17. 4. 2017

Sladkovský Square

Another of Žižkov squares is to be found close to Vítkov Hill in Prague. Sladkovský Square (czech: Sladkovské náměstí) is full of interesting sights, both sacral and cultural. Together we will visit e.g. St. Prokop´s Church or sit in the school desks of one of the oldest Prague secondary schools. » More »

Prague 3 Škroupovo náměstí (the Skroupa´s Square)

17. 4. 2017

Škroupovo náměstí (the Skroupa´s Square)

Close to the Žižkov television tower and Riegrovy Sady (Rieger Gardens) there is an unusual round square which is called after the noted Czech composer František Škroup. Let´s explore the history of this round shaped square. » More »

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17. 4. 2017

The Old Jewish Cemetery in Prague´s Žižkov

Not too far from the Žižkov TV Tower in Mahlerovy sady (Mahler Gardens) the old Jewish Cemetery is to be found. It had been mentioned in many articles already and now we will finally visit the place, recall and see another of the historical places which ranks among very significant Jewish sights. » More »

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17. 4. 2017

Telephone Exchange in Fibichova street

Now we will learn about the history of Mezinárodní telefonní a telegrafní ústředna (International Telephone and Telegraph Exchange) which is located in Fibichova street in Prague´s Žižkov. The exchange for switching phone calls is not just a significant historic building but particularly a place which has always played an important role in interpersonal communication. » More »