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16. 1. 2018

Historical and contemporary curiosities of Sova´Mills

Curiosities related to the name of the mill .Just like the other noted landmarks even this mill had changed its name frequently. It was happening due to frequent changes of its owners who were coming and leaving again. So we learn from the historical sources that the mill was called Sovovský at the end of the 15th century, then it was renamed Severínovký, further Kosořský. Later it returned to the original name Sovovský and from 1850 it was noted as Odkolkovký Mill. » More »

11. 1. 2018

Kranner´s Fountain

Krannerova kašna092009You are walking along Smetana Embankment and suddenly you see a strange building looking like an arrow. You come closer and find out that you are standing at a fountain. It is Kranner´s Fountain. Let´s discover more about this unusual and due to its appearance exceptional building. » More »

11. 1. 2018

Křižovnické Square belongs to Prague´s smallest squares

Praha Křížovnické náměstí 3Walking through the Prague Old Town along the right embankment of the river Vltava close to the Charles Bridge we will get to Křižovnické Square. It is one of  Prague´s smallest squares and we can find it on the track of the Royal Coronation. » More »

11. 1. 2018

St. Thomas Church in the Lesser Town

kostel sv. Tomáše091001Today we will visit Letenská street close to the Lesser Town Square where we can find the beautiful eight hundred years old church of St. Thomas. There are not just artificial treasures but also relics of significant people hidden inside of the church. » More »

11. 1. 2018

St. Nicolas Cathedral in Lesser Town

chrám sv. Mikuláše091003St. Nicolas Cathedral  with the attached group of buildings is the dominating point of the whole Lesser Town Square. The cathedral belongs to our and European most beautiful Baroque constructions whose principle are the intersecting ellipsoids. » More »

11. 1. 2018

The Lesser Town Square

Petrin-Strahovska-zahrada120211_20mala_panorama1The Lesser Town Square – home of the significant characters and the observation point of the STB (State Security Service) The Lesser Town Square experienced several historical periods during its existence. Many significant people were walking in it who more or less helped develop the local culture or intelligence. Now we will learn more about some not very familiar facts. » More »

11. 1. 2018

Let´s go together to the Lesser Town Square

Petrin-Strahovska-zahrada120211_20mala_panorama1Now we would like to tell you in detail what the whole square looks like and why it is so much sought after and popular with tourists. The square is full of picturesque and mainly cosy restaurants where you can taste traditional Czech food. On the circuit of the square there are also a few small shops with souvenirs and refreshments. The Lesser Town Square is comprised of two main parts. The upper one is located in the west part and the lower part in the east side. The two little squares are separated from each other by a monumental Baroque St. Nicholas church. The imaginary division is further formed by the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of Charles University, formerly known as the Jesuit Prefession House. » More »

10. 1. 2018

Nerudova Street

PHA-Nerudova04Following the traces of Jan Neruda and uphill towards the Prague Castle. We will take another pleasant walk to the center of the capital city again, this time we will visit one of the Prague´s most familiar streets.  The original name of the street was the Sporrengasse, which means „the Spur Street“. We won´t keep you guessing any more, we are talking about the famous Nerudova Street. So, let´s go uphill to the residence of a famous Czech writer and poet Jan Neruda. Let´s explore the beauties of the street leading from the Lesser-Town Square as far as the gates of the Prague Castle, the street which once used to be part of the Royal Route. » More »