28. 12. 2018

Ministry of Industry and Trade / Ministerstvo průmyslu a obchodu

Ministerstvo_prumysluThe impressive ministry building, by architect Josef Fanta, was finished in 1934 with a record-high budget. It’s no wonder: the building’s façade alone features over 120 sculptures, plus a large number of other decorative elements that emphasize the overall imposing design. » More »

Pha1 - Obecní dům018

28. 12. 2018

The Municipal House – unique gem of the cultural life

The Municipal House is one of the Prague´s national and cultural landmarks. Now we will learn about the Prague´s ceremonial house which belongs among the Art Nouveau buildings with the New-Renaissance elements. The Municipal House is located close to the Powder Gate on Republic Square ( Náměstí republiky). » More »

PHA-Obecni dum

27. 12. 2018

THE MUNICIPAL HOUSE – It was here that an independent Czechoslovak Republic was declared

ikona_disabled22The Municipal House situated next to the Powder Tower was built by the City of Prague in 1906-12 and designed by architects Balšánek and Polívka. » More »

18. 1. 2018

Old Jewish Cemetery (Starý Židovský Hřbitov)

Pha1 - Starý židovský hřbitov07Tour of the oldest Jewish burial grounds. On your Prague tour, let me invite you to one of the most memorable burial grounds in the world, the Old Jewish Cemetery. We can reach this historically important place comfortably by walking over the Charles Bridge and then along Křížovnická street in the direction of Jan Palach square and there we will find ourselves directly in the centre of the Jewish Town. » More »

18. 1. 2018

The Holy Trinity Column

Sloup Nejsv.TrojiceIf you find yourself walking as far as the Lesser Town Square you should not overlook one of its sights. Today we will stop and learn about the Holy Trinity Column which raises close to St. Nicolas Church. Let´s explore the reasons of its origin and what this column reflects. » More »

Sloup Nejsv.Trojice

18. 1. 2018

THE TRINITY COLUMN – Malostranské square

At the top of Malostranské Square, infront of the Church of St Nicholas, a monument was built in 1715 to commemorate the terrible plague which hit Prague in 1713-14. » More »

18. 1. 2018

The Spanish Synagogue – the youngest yet the most beautiful

Pha1 - Spanelska synagoga a Zidovske muzeum008The youngest synagogue of the Prague´s Jewish Town Josefov was built at the crossroads of the streets Dušní and Vězeňská between 1867-68. Just like some other synagogues also this one was built in the Moorish style according to the project of Ignác Ullmann and Josef Niklas. The construction was performed in place of the former oldest synagogue called The Old School or „Templ“ which according to the extant historical sources existed already in the 12th century. It was called „school“ because the synagogues used to serve as educational institutes for the inhabitans of the Jewish community. » More »

18. 1. 2018

St. Agnes Convent – Legends and other curiosities

Praha 1 - Anežský klášter09008Let´s take a look with help of this article at the legends and curiosities of this convent. » More »