St. Lawrence Church and Calvary

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Petřín – St. Lawrence Church, Chapel of the Holy Sepulchre and Calvary Chapel

There are several sacral monuments on Petřín Hill creating its unique scenery and atmosphere: St. Lawrence Church, Calvary Chapel, Holy Sepulchre and the Calvary. Now we will introduce these sights to you. » More »

Petřín – The Mirror Maze

Petřín – The Mirror Maze

The Petřín Mirror Maze is one of the most popular and visited sights of Prague. It was built according to a model of the Vyšehrad defensive tower Špička. The building was designed as an exhibition pavilion for the General Land Centennial Exhibition. » More »

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Strahov dormitory – accomodation for the students of the Czech Technical Faculty in Prague (ČVUT)

In Prague, there are many accomodation facilities for university students. We will focus on the dormitory now which is located close to the Petřín walking track. Strahov dormitory is one of the most popular alternatives where to stay during university studies. Also it is a facility which has been through numerous changes during its existence and we will learn about them now. » More »


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