Prague Castle

Czech king - Venceslas II.

Who could become monarch – Czech kings

Important question that had to be taken into account during the monarch election was the question of the right of succession to the throne. It was all about the determination of the person that would take up the royal throne after death or resignation of the current monarch. » More »

Chotkovy sady – the first public garden in Prague

Chotkovy sady (eng: Chotek Gardens) –the first public park is situated close to Prague Castle and the Royal Garden. The park has a total area making 3,7 hectars and ranks among the less extensive ones. Despite its small size it has its own atmosphere and looks rather mysterious. » More »

Royal Courtyard – Residence of the Bohemian Kings

Royal Courtyard – Residence of the Bohemian Kings

Now we will travel in time back to 14th century when there used to stand a luxurious residence of the Bohemian kings called „Royal Courtyard“ where the Municipal House is to be found in Náměstí republiky today. From the courtyard coronation precessions departed and headed for Prague Castle. We will learn more about this landmark in a while. » More »

PHA-Zidovsky hrbitov01

THE OLD JEWISH CEMETERY is called Beth-chaim

ikona_disabled22The Old Jewish Cemetery, adjacent to the Klaus Synagogue, is called Beth-chaim (The House of Life) by the Jews themselves, and is a place of great significance around the world. It is not known exactly when the cemetery was established, but the oldest gravestone found » More »

Charles Bridge and Prague castle

Royal Route in Prague – Introduction

Coronation of the new king and sovereign was a very important event for the common people and the entire kingdom because people always connected their great expectations for better future life with the new sovereign. » More »

Emperor and czech king Charles  IV. (Karel IV.)

Royal coronation ceremony – Czech kings

Coronation is a ceremonial introduction of the monarch to power. During this act a royal crown is symbolically placed on his head. He receives blessings from the church by oiling his hands by sacred oil. The coronation gradually became the most important event for the whole country. The festive ceremony was attended by significant personalities of the world, namely by the noted kings, church dignitaries and other important persons. Let´s go and see what the whole ceremony looked like. » More »

Rosenberg Palace – Institute of noblewomen

Rosenberg Palace (czech: Rožmberský palác) has been part of the Prague Castle seightseeing tour since April 2010 and it used to be the Institute educating real aristocratic ladies from young noblewomen in the past. Before we look inside we need to learn about the history and everything that happened behind the palace walls in the past.

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Prague Castle – Basilica of St. George

Basilica of St. George is another sacred landmark located in the premises of Prague Castle. Now we will visit the second Prague´s Christian church. Let´s not hesitate and explore one of the most important Romanesque monuments. » More »

Prague Castle Picture Gallery

In order to learn something more about significant Czech historical heritage we will visit now the Picture Gallery, located in the Prague Castle. Behind its walls are hidden treasures, which are part of the famous collections of Emperor Rudolf II. It is almost unbelievable that some pieces were found again, and returned back to Prague Castle.

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Prague Castle – Old Royal Palace

Today’s tour will include visits to the Palace of the Czech kings. You will visit not only places where lived some of the most significant giants of our country, but you will have a chance to visit places where the coronation ceremonies and important negotiations took place.

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