National Memorial at Vítkov

Národní památník (National Memorial) at Vítkov

Národní památník (National Memorial) at Vítkov

The National Memorial at Vítkov ranks among the greatest Žižkov view points. The memorial had been through many interesting moments in its history. It served as commemoration for legionaries, it turned into a storage place of Wehrmacht´s military material, it was used for the propaganda of the communist regime and currently a museum of the modern Czech and Czechoslovak history is located there. Let´s look closer at this remarkable building. » More »

Prague 3 - Vítkov Hill

Vítkov Hill

Vítkovský vrch is another of the Žižkov parks stretching on the right riverbank of Vltava. The Hill is to be found between Žižkov and Karlín and it is separating these parts from each other. Besides a pleasant walk you can view the National Memorial, statue of Jan Žižka or visit the Armádní muzeum (Military Museum) here. » More »

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Equestrian statue of Jan Žižka of Trocnov

Those who will climb to the top of Vítkov Hill will besides the glamorous view of the Prague centre see also one of the world´s greatest equestrian statues. It is the monumentous statue of Jan Žižka of Trocnov which is a part of the National Memorial. » More »

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Former mausoleum of the first communist president Klement Gottwald

After death of the first communist Czechoslovak president the Communist Party decided to embalm his body and expose it to the public after the fashion of Lenin. For this purpose the  Mausoleum was established at Prague´s Vítkov. » More »

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National Memorial at Vítkov – the interior

In order to complete the sightseeing of the Memorial at Vítkov we need to peep in at the interior of the building. You will certainly be pleasantly surprised to see what kind of rooms are hidden behind its walls. They are not just spaces determined for pious acts but also many representative halls. » More »

Prague 3 - Žižkov

Introduction of Prague´s Žižkov

Prague´s Žižkov stretches in the town district Praha 3 close to the centre and today we will introduce this quarter to you. We will also tell you about interesting history of Žižkov and its landmarks which make it a popular tourist location. Due to the vibrant night life and also its many cafés, bars and restaurants Žižkov is called Prague´s Montmartre. » More »

Old Žižkov

Specific atmosphere of Žižkov

From its very beginning, Žižkov has been built as working class quarter for Prague´s poor, but not the rubble. Due to this fact a specific district was formed which was living its own life and followed its own rules. Let´s return back and smell the scient of old Žižkov. » More »

Old Zizkov

History of Žižkov

Žižkov used to be a specific town district of Prague. Let´s explore its rich history and learn about the origin of its name. In the article we will transfer to the period of Charles IV, our Homeland´s Father, and to the Hussite period when one of the significant triumphal battles of the Hussites over Crusaders took place. » More »


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