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Pha2 - Vinohradské divadlo01

2. 3. 2010

The Vinohrady Theatre(Vinohradské divadlo) was vandalized and ravaged during the World War II.

When strolling across Náměstí Míru Square, passing the church, on your right you cannot miss the Vinohrady Theatre building. What is the first thing you recall? Actors, its history, patriotism, or drama in general? It is the same with us, though. » More »


3. 10. 2009

Wax Museum Praha

Almost every capital in Europe has its own wax museum and Prague is no exeption. » More »


22. 8. 2009

The Legacy of Josef Hlávka

The year 2008 is the 100th anniversary of the death of Josef Hlávka (1831-1908), the most important patron of Czech science and culture. The exhibition, designed to commemorate this anniversary in the exhibition premises of St George’s Convent at Prague Castle » More »

Prague Castle Gallery

17. 7. 2009

Prague Castle Picture Gallery

The parmanent exhibition on show at the Prague Castle Picture Gallery introduces visitors to a splendid collection of over one hundred prime paintings which have been carefully selected from some 4 000 » More »


LABYRINTH, Centrum Babylon, Liberec

Visit the biggest mirror labyrinth in Europe! Visit the unique mirror LABYRINTH! The biggest stationary mirror maze on the continent!More details:

* Exposition in 4 rooms
* Classical mirror maze, crystal maze with glasses, dark labyrinth with spectres and a room with mirages
* 120 large-screen mirrors
* Length of corridors is easily 200m
* Ultraviolet lighting evokes neon effect
* Deforming mirrors

* Lurid sounds » More »


LUNAPARK, Centrum Babylom, Liberec

Visit an indoor centre with attractions for children as well as adults, open all through the year and styled as an old-fashioned Czech fete.

Our offer:

* Dodgems (bumper cars), roundabouts, swings
* climbing frames, trampolines, climbing wall
* wild-bull rodeo
* videogames, simulators and so on » More »


AQUAPARK, Centrum Babylon, Liberec

ikona_disabled22Visit indoor themed water paradise, open all year round.

Our offer:
* swimming pools and water slides
* unique adrenaline space-bowl for the brave
* 4 tobogans
* chutes
* romantic caves » More »


iQPARK, Centrum Babylon, Liberec

ikona_disabled22Visit the first entertainment-educational centre in the Czech Republic. Come and play and experiment. There are more than a hundred attractive, interactive, entertaining and educationing exhibits and attractions on an area of over 1000 sq.m.You can play and experiment. We offer you to spend your spare time in a worthwhile fashion fulfilling Comenius’s – schola ludus (learning with games).

Our offer:

* interactive, playful, fun and educational exhibits from all walks of life » More »



Change your lifestyle. Do you feel a need to change your lifestyle? Do you want to relieve stress, reduce body weight, rehabilitate, relax, improve your health, and your physical and psychological well-being?

Treat yourself with

* harmony of the body, mind and spirit
* a spell of bliss and well-being
* the delightful surroundings of ancient baths, which cannot be found elsewhere » More »


25. 5. 2009

Prague’s underground will make its mysterious world accessible

Prague’s underground corridors are tens of kilometers long, and some of them will become new tourist routes this summer. Beneath the surface of Prague, there is a technical rarity: such a complex system of underground corridors as exists in Prague cannot be found anywhere in the world. A visit to the underground will consist of four tourist routes. You will not be able to buy any souvenirs, but you will find waiting for you a helmet and a waterproof jacket. » More »