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Cisar a kral ferdinand V

13. 7. 2016

The first and the last Royal Coronation – Prague Castle

The first royal coronation in history was the coronation of Vratislaus II as the King of Bohemia and the last coronation was the coronation of Ferdinand V, noted in the Czech history as Ferdinand I the Good. » More »

Charles IV. (Karel IV.)

11. 7. 2016

Coronation of the most famous Czech King – Charles IV.

The first royal crown which later became the crown of the Roman kings Charles IV. acquired in 1346. It was originally meant to serve for his private purposes only and he let it later remake for the state purposes. In August of 1346, on the day of his father´s John of Luxembourg´s death, he became the king of Bohemia. » More »

Coronation procession - Křížovnické square

10. 7. 2016

Coronation processions – Czech kings

Coronation and procession participants
High-ranking clerical dignitaries, leading provincial aristocrats and noted nobelmen from abroad
were also invited to participate in the coronation. All the guests were present during the festive coronation procession. The organization of the people in the ceremonious procession has at all times been the responsibility of the highest courtyard marshal. The emphasis has always been placed on the status and belonging to a certain social class. For instance, the higher provincial officers or representatives of the towns always had to walk prior to the knights who had to be placed prior to the representatives of the lordly class. » More »

Czech king - Venceslas II.

7. 7. 2016

Who could become monarch – Czech kings

Important question that had to be taken into account during the monarch election was the question of the right of succession to the throne. It was all about the determination of the person that would take up the royal throne after death or resignation of the current monarch. » More »

Pha1 - Strahovsky klaster110716_002

26. 3. 2016

Strahov Monastery in Prague – description

Our today´s target will be the Strahov Monastery which is to be found in the neighbourhood of the Prague Castle. Here beautiful architectural elements combine with historical treasures represented by precious paintings and books. Let´s visit the oldest Premonstratensian Monastery in Bohemia. » More »

Pha1 - Staromak_Orloj110330_045

24. 3. 2016

Statues and figures of the Old Town Astronomical Clock

Before the Old Town Astronomical Clock reaches full hour, a great amount of people start to gather in front of it. The reasons why the astronomical clock had become such a popular tour

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ist target are very simple. On the stroke of every full hour a mechanism is activated which sets all the figures of the astronomical clock into motion. » More »

23. 3. 2016

FREE Pdf Tourist guide PRAGUE CITY LINE – Prague 1 – best sights

Prague 1 still belongs to one of the most attractive parts of the whole Prague. Probably nowhere else you can find such a concentration of historic monuments and places where the history and romance of bygone times are all around you. Hardly anywhere you can stop and relax in numerous of beautiful trim gardens and wellkept parks. Hardly anywhere you can walk on the same paths where were walking Franz Kafka, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and the Golem of Prague or Johannes Kepler. » More »

Pha1 -Staromestska radnice110607_008

6. 2. 2016

The unrecognized Old Town Hall

What actually is there behind the Old Town Hall walls? That is a frequent question that will come to you during your walk through Old Town Square (czech: Staroměstské náměstí). We will help you solve this puzzle today and believe that you will be pleasantly surprised. » More »

Orloj - kalendarni deska024

27. 8. 2015

The Old Town Astronomical Clock – calendar board

Underneath the astronomical dial of Staroměstský orloj a gorgeous, historically very precious calendar is to be found. Besides the signs of the Zodiac the calendar determines the individual days and months but also the significant church holidays. The calendar contains allegories with pastoral theme. We will explain now how the whole calendar works. » More »

Orloj - Astrolab002

20. 8. 2015

Old Town Astronomical Clock – the astronomical dial

Understanding all the functions of the Old Town Astronomical Clock(czech: Orloj) is very difficult. With help of its numerous components, indicators and symbols it is not just possible to determine the time but, for instance, also the current Zodiacal sign, positions of the Sun or Moon and many more facts. To help you understand the Old Town astronomical Clock better we will teach you to recognize some of its functions. » More »