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28. 12. 2018

The Municipal House – unique gem of the cultural life

The Municipal House is one of the Prague´s national and cultural landmarks. Now we will learn about the Prague´s ceremonial house which belongs among the Art Nouveau buildings with the New-Renaissance elements. The Municipal House is located close to the Powder Gate on Republic Square ( Náměstí republiky). » More »

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10. 4. 2017

Prague Castle – Production gardens (also Lumbe garden)

Many of us would would like to know where the flowers for the castle receptions come from. These flowers come from the castle´s own production gardens (also Lumbe garden). The gardens are located next to the Riding Hall and they offer many curiosities including the presidential residence or Masaryk´s beehive. » More »

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10. 4. 2017

Prague Castle – Stag Moat

Jelení příkop (Stag Moat) where the stream Brusnice flows has always been natural defence of the Prague Castle.  In the 17th century deer were let out in here and during the 1st Republic period even bears were kept here. Today, there is a pleasant romantic footpath lined by sights and statues here. » More »

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7. 4. 2017

House at the Stone Bell – basic information

Legends, interesting facts and unique archeologic discoveries. All of that and many more attractions are to be found behind the walls of the House At the Stone Bell in Staroměstské náměstí. Let´s explore the circumstances due to which St.Ludmila or Elisabeth of Premyslide and her son Charles IV were staying here.

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31. 3. 2017

Prague Castle – introduction to the history

Before we start the tour itself, not only of the main landmarks of Prague, but throughout our country, we should become familiar with the history of the monument, which is connected with both the present and the past of the state. It’s ranked among very important symbols, therefore let’s take a look behind the walls of the Prague Castle and find out historical events that influenced the history of the Czech Republic, because a large part of our history is created exactly at the Castle. » More »

31. 3. 2017

Ungelt – center of mercantile life

Ungelt alias Týnský dvůr (Týnský Yard) is one of the most precious monuments of Prague. It is located close to the Old Town Square. And what actually was the purpose of a mercantile yard in the past? Why thousands of merchants from all over the world streamed into its gates? » More »

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31. 3. 2017

Týn School in the Old Town Square – description and history

Týnská škola (eng: Týn School) neighbouring on Dům U Kamenného zvonu (eng: House at the Stone Bell) has always been an educational institution. This significant function has belonged to it already since the 13th century. What the school had looked like in the time of its founding and what changes it had been through until the present day will be discussed in the following article.

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31. 3. 2017

Prague Castle – Convent of St. George

The Original Burial-Ground of Premysl Family. Today, we will visit the Convent of St. George, the former female Benedictine convent situated in the Prague Castle premises. We can see it nearby the high towers of the Basilica of St. George. The basilica forms an integral part of this convent. It was founded in 921 and it is the depository of remains of St. Ludmila. So, let us set out on a tour of the convent. » More »

Old Town Square

31. 3. 2017

Old Town Square events – historical events

Staroměstské náměstí (Old Town Square) is a place where numerous events of a great importance for our country´s history  had taken place. Do you know what the crosses in the pavement close to Staroměstská radnice (Old Town Hall) stand for? Let´s learn more about the history of the Hussite period and the Bohemian (Estates) Rebellion. » More »

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30. 3. 2017

Church of Our Lady before Týn – history and description

In the neighbourhood of the Old Town Hall there is a munument rising high which creates an inseparable panormama of Prague. It is the Church of Our Lady before Týn which is also incorrectly referred to as Týnský chrám (Týn Church). The church has an intersting history and beautiful interior decoration. » More »