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24. 2. 2015

Legends of the Old Town Astronomical Clock

Legends have always spread, no matter if true or false. The Old Town Astronomical Clock is not an exception – you will find many similar legends related to this place. Whether they are based on reality

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or not we will leave up to you. Let´s reveal the mystery of the Prague Astronomical Clock together. » More »

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8. 12. 2014

Old Town Square – Marian Column and Prague Meridian

Historical pictures of Staroměstské náměstí (Old Town Square) look a bit different compared to its current appearance. It is mainly caused by the missing Marian Column which used to stand it the middle of the square in the past. We will also learn about the Prague Meridian which used to serve for masuring time. » More »

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6. 12. 2014

Old Town Hall – development of a historical gem

Every day thousands of tourists hurry to see the building which has been the main view point of the square for centuries. Yes, it is the Old Town Hall with the famous Astronomical Clock. Join us and discover the secret and development of this historical building. » More »

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8. 11. 2014

The Old Jewish Cemetery in Prague – Smíchov

In Prague Smíchov, you will find a mysterious and enigmatic Jewish cemetery. The first impulse to found a Jewish cemetery came from the Smíchov Jewish Religious Community. The decision was taken in 1788 and the date is considered the founding date of the Old Jewish Cemetery in Smíchov, also known as Starý radlický hřbitov (Old Radlice Cemetery). The construction started due to lack of space in the Jewish cemetery in the Prague quarter Josefov. » More »

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6. 11. 2014

Prague – Smíchov Synagogue

Our next excursion to the Jewish landmarks will take us to Prague – Smíchov where next to a mega trade centre Nový Anděl we will find an unusual Jewish monument – the Smíchov Synagogue. The object of the synagogue has been classifed as a cultural landmark. » More »

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5. 11. 2014

New Jewish Cemetery

The New Jewish Cemetery situated between the streets Želivského and Nad vodovodem was founded in 1891 when the Old Jewish Cemetery located in the nearby Fibichova street had  served out. Concerning its size, this cemetery is more than ten-times larger compared to the Old Jewish Cemetery in Josefov. More than 25.000 people had been buried here. One of the largest graveyards of the Czech Republic is entered through a beautiful gate. » More »

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4. 11. 2014

Jubilee (also Jerusalem) Synagogue in Prague

Jubilee (also Jerusalem) Synagogue – with treasure that no other Jewish temple in the world can show off with. Jubilee Synagogue(czech: Jubilejní synagoga) is the youngest synagogue located in the premises of the Jewish Town of Prague but it is much bigger than the others. It is to be found in the New Town in Jeruzalémská street. Jubilee Synagogue was built in Moorish style and replaced Zigeuner, New and Great-Court synagogues that were demolished during the sanation and the improvement of hygienic conditions of the Jewish Town. The synagogue was completed in 1906 based on the plans of the renowned Viennese architect, worthy and experienced synagogue constructor Wilhelm Stiassny. » More »

Staronová synagoga z východu, 1836

25. 2. 2011

Prague Jewish Town

Through this article, I would like to take you to the place which is very important for the history of Prague Judaism. Its origins come from 13th century when Jews were forced to live separately from Christian citizens in so called ghettos. Today, we are going to set out on a tour of the oldest and also largest Jewish ghetto in Europe with the second world’s largest museum of Judaism. » More »

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11. 2. 2011

Church of St. Gall was present in the coronation feasts of the kings of Bohemia

In place where there are the streets Havelská and Rytířská these days, namely between mezi Uhelný and Ovocný trh (Coal and Fruit Markets), the so-called Svatohavelské tržiště (St. Gall´s Market Place) used to be in the past (in the 13th century). This remarkable centre was joined to the Old Town Square and Železná ulice (Iron Street). The street was noted as a residential place of Prague´s significant ironmongers. » More »

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10. 2. 2011

St. Michael´s Church in Kinský Garden

It is hard to believe that there is a genuine wooden orthodox church on the Petřín slope.. Let´s transfer to Kinský Garden where the church is to be found. This otrhodox church was several times in its history decomposed and transferred and we will tell you where and why. » More »