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19. 8. 2015

The Old Town Astronomical Clock – what is hidden inside

The Old Town Astronomical Clock works with help of many toothed wheels and little wheels that make the individual devices and appliances move. These parts together create the technical centre of the clock on which its function depends completely. Let´s learn more about this sophisticated system now. » More »

Petrin Hill

12. 8. 2015

History of Petrin Hill in Prague

One of the most popular tourist targets of Prague is a hill in the very centre called Petřín. It is an important hill offering not just the view of the whole city but it is also located close to the Prague Castle. Petřín is full of attractions and sights. Today we will focus only on its history. » More »

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10. 8. 2015

Petrin Hill – Nebozízek Garden

The next garden of Petřín and one of the funicular stops are called alike – Nebozízek. It is a garden stretching between the Hunger Wall, the funicular and Újezd. It is a place for pleasant walks and with a beautiful view of Prague. » More »

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30. 7. 2015

THE OLD JEWISH CEMETERY is called Beth-chaim

ikona_disabled22The Old Jewish Cemetery, adjacent to the Klaus Synagogue, is called Beth-chaim (The House of Life) by the Jews themselves, and is a place of great significance around the world. It is not known exactly when the cemetery was established, but the oldest gravestone found » More »

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29. 7. 2015

St. Gabriel´s Convent in Petrin Hill Prague

In the neighbourhood of Petrin Hill parks you will find a fabulous construction – St. Gabriel´s Convent with the church of Annunciation to the Blessed Virgin Mary. From 1891 the building was used by the Benedictine order and nowadays it is occupied by Česká pošta (Czech postal company). » More »


28. 7. 2015

Celetná Street is one of the oldest and most important streets in the Old Town

ikona_disabled22Celetná Street is one of the oldest and most important streets in the Old Town. In the 14th century, during the reign of one of the most prominent Czech and European rulers, Emperor Charles IV, the importance of Celetná Street grew when it became part of the so-called Royal Way. » More »

9. 7. 2015


This baroque palace, which stands opposite the Nostitz Palace, is also known as the House of the White Horse thanks to the white horse house symbol, or sometimes as the House of the Seven Devils. » More »

Old Town Square

2. 7. 2015

The Old Town Square – modern events

The Old Town Square has always been a place where people were gathering, uttering their opinions and fighting for theit rights. The situation was not different in the

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previous century. At the end of WW2 the Old Town Square was the scene of the resistance against the Nazi regime. Unfortunatelly it was also the place where the communists declared the takeover of the power in Czechoslovakia. » More »

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16. 4. 2015

Schierův dům – basic information

Schierův dům (Schier´s House)On the corner of Staroměstské náměstí (eng: Old Town Square) and Pařížská street we can find Schierův dům (eng: Schier´s House)  which ranks among the oldest new buildings and dominating houses of the whole Staroměstské náměstí (eng: Old Town Square). The house decorated by a number of statues from the noted Czech artists used to be a place where the Prague writer Franz Kafka had been staying. » More »

Palác Golz-Kinských (Golz-Kinský Palace)

12. 4. 2015

Palác Golz-Kinských (Golz-Kinský Palace) in the Old Town Square – description

On our walks in the Old Town Square (cze: Staroměstské náměstí) we will make a stop in front of another architectural gem. The Rococo Kinský Palace, often also marked as Palác Golz-Ki

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(eng: Golz-Kinský Palace), is an important structure looking more like a manor house in the centre of the Old Town. » More »