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PHA-Pinkasova Synagoga01

9. 4. 2017

The Pinkas Synagogue

On this tour, I would like to introduce you to another jewel in Prague Jewish Town. The Pinkas Synagogue (czech Pinkasova synagoga) is situated directly in the centre of the town, in a quarter called Josefov. We will enter the synagogue with an L-shaped layout through its main entrance from Široká street. » More »

Pha1 - Staronova synagoga034

9. 4. 2017

The Old-New Synagogue dating back to the late 13th century

The Old-New Synagogue dating back to the late 13th century used to be the Jewish community’s main place of worship. It is one of the oldest and most beautiful Gothic buildings in Prague, and the oldest synagogue in Europe. » More »

Rabi Low a Golem

8. 4. 2017

Legend of Prague´s Golem

Today we will transfer to Prague, namely to the 16th century – the reign period of the Emperor Rudolph II. It was a period of disturbances, when the Jewish inhabitants were suffering from numerous pogroms and other riots. Rabbi Löw was trying to protect the inhabitants of the Prague ghetto and he also provided them with spiritual comfort. The legend of the Golem of Prague started to spread in effort to avert the riots of the neighbouring Christian inhabitants. » More »


8. 4. 2017

UNGELT – A walled courtyard housing a customs post for merchants entering the Old Town

ikona_disabled22A walled courtyard housing a customs post for merchants entering the Old Town was situated here as early as the 12th century. Every merchant had to submit his goods and pay duty (um Geld – Geld is German for Money, hence the name). In return the ruler would guarantee his safety. Customs duty was paid here until the end of the 16th century. » More »


8. 4. 2017

Ungelt – Tyn Courtyard (Ungelt – Týnský dvur)

One of the places of a great historical value. A block of houses among the Tynska, Stupartska and Mala Stupartska streets. » More »

Karlovo namesti

8. 4. 2017

Karlovo namesti (Charles Square)

Today Karlovo náměstí, Prague’s largest square, and one of the largest square in Europe, with an area of 80 550 m2, has a very rich history. For a long time the square bore the name „The Cattle Market,“ and formed the main public space of the city. It was for the privilege of holding the livestock markets for the entire city » More »

Cikanova synagoga behem asanace kolem 1904

8. 4. 2017

Prague Jewish Town

Through this article, I would like to take you to the place which is very important for the history of Prague Judaism. Its origins come from 13th century when Jews were forced to live separately from Christian citizens in so called ghettos. Today, we are going to set out on a tour of the oldest and also largest Jewish ghetto in Europe with the second world’s largest museum of Judaism. » More »

Rabi Löw

8. 4. 2017

Rabi Löw – rabbi who constructed the Prague Golem

Jehuda ben Becalel, more likely known as Rabi Löw or by his Hebrew acronym MaHaRaL belongs to very important representatives of Prague Judaism. Not only did he become a very significant rabbi but according to a legend also the constructor of the legendary Prague Golem. Let´s discover more about him now. » More »

Tomb of Mordechai Maisel

8. 4. 2017

Mordechaj Maisel in Prague´s Jewish Town

We have seen a number of Jewish buildings and monuments during our walks in the Old Town. The most of them are inherently connected with the name of Mordechaj Maisel. He was a very important person who not only contributed to the prosperity of the Jewish community but he also was the court Jew of the Emperor Rudolph II. » More »

Jewish prayer

8. 4. 2017

What do Jewish prayers look like?

The prayers and traditions in Judaism represent an integral part of everyday life. Therefore our today´s task will be to look closer to what such prayers actually looks like. » More »