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10. 4. 2017

Church of Our Lady of Victory – basic information

Kostel Panny Marie Vítězné (eng. Church of Our Lady of Victory or Church of the Virgin Mary the Victorious) in the Lesser Town can appeal to some of you as quite a common sacred construction. However,the opposite is true. It is an exceptional significant architectural monument protecting the worldwide adored statue of the Infant Jesus of Prague behind its walls. » More »


10. 4. 2017

THE CHURCH OF OUR LADY VICTORIOUS – the Infant Jesus of Prague (il Bambino di Praga)

Church of the Virgin Mary the Victorious was built on a site were originally the Church of the Holy Trinity stood, the oldest baroque place of worship in Prague which was finished in 1613 by Giovanni Mario Filippi for German Lutherans. In 1624 the church was handed over to the Carmelites who turned it around » More »

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10. 4. 2017

Prague Castle – Stag Moat

Jelení příkop (Stag Moat) where the stream Brusnice flows has always been natural defence of the Prague Castle.  In the 17th century deer were let out in here and during the 1st Republic period even bears were kept here. Today, there is a pleasant romantic footpath lined by sights and statues here. » More »

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9. 4. 2017

The House at the Stone Bell

The House at the Stone Bell on the south side of the square is perhaps the most attractive building on the Old Town Square. It was probably the property of Queen Eliška Přemyslovna, the wife of King John of Luxemburg and was originally a Romanesque structure, proof of which are the 12th-century walls in the cellars. » More »

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9. 4. 2017

Old Town Square

ikona_disabled22Alongside Prague Castle the Old Town Square is the most important place in Prague. Its long history goes back to the 11th century when the square formed the crossroads of several long-distance trade routes and served as a marketplace. It was known across the whole of Europe at that time. » More »

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9. 4. 2017

Klausen Synagogue in Prague

On our tour of Jewish sights in Prague we cannot leave out a very important building which is situated in close proximity of the Old Jewish Cemetery  and thus forms a part of the Jewish Town. We are speaking of the Klausen Synagogue (czech Klausová synagoga) which is one of the six historical premises of the Jewish Museum in Prague. » More »


9. 4. 2017

Sanitation of the Jewish ghetto in Prague

Due to the sanitation of the Jewish Town Prague has lost a unique and worldwide exceptional cultural landmark. The decision to sanitize or partly pull down the Jewish ghetto was taken at the turn of the 19th and 20th century in order to solve the disastrous social conditions and mainly the hygienic situation of the ghetto. Let´s look closer what had preceeded this radical and tragic solution.

» More »

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9. 4. 2017

Synagogue in Prague

What is the purpose of the synagogues? Why no pictures of humans, even saints, can be found in the synagogues? Which synagogue is the greatest? And did you know that the famous generic cialis onlineGolem is likely to wander through the streets of Prague? » More »


9. 4. 2017

The Maisel Synagogue (Maiselova synagoga) in Prague

Through the Maisel Synagogue (czech: Maiselova synagoga) back to the 10th century and then criss-cross through Jewish history in Bohemia. This beautiful Jewish building was funded in 1590 – 1592 by a very wealthy citizen of Prague Jewish Community, the Primate Mordecai Maisel. The synagogue was supposed to serve for private purposes only for him and his family. Naturally, the building takes its name after its benefactor. It was built just thanks to privileges conferred by the Emperor Rudolf II himself. As you know from previous entries, Mordecai Maisel was the very “Court-Jew” of the Emperor. » More »

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9. 4. 2017

Old New Synagogue (Staronová Synagoga)

Old New Synagogue (czech: Staronová synagoga)the oldest Jewish Gothic monument. This beautiful sacred place is one of the oldest and most valuable buildings not only in Europe but also in the whole world. The synagogue is still active. It has been used for its purposes continually since the 13th century – of course, except the period of the World War II. This synagogue ranks among the oldest Jewish Gothic buildings in the territory of the Czech Republic because its origins come from the late 1270s. Its great construction shows beautiful elements including fine brick gables among others. » More »