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22. 4. 2017

Franz Kafka Museum – Hegertova cihelna, Prague 1

ikona_disabled22The Prague opening of the long-term exhibition The City of K. Franz Kafka and Prague takes place in summer, a time of special significance for Kafka. He was born here on 3rd July 1883, died in a sanatorium at Kierling on 3rd June 1924, and was buried in Prague on 11th June. The symbiosis between Prague and Kafka’s life and work is well known – a linking of destinies that, for several decades, Kafka scholars have studied from every possible angle. » More »

Old Times Museum ( Muzeum kouzlo starých časů )

22. 4. 2017

Old Times Museum ( Muzeum Kouzlo starých časů )

A unique private collection of Victorian and Edwardian clothes, accessories and curiosities, from the 1850’s to the 1920’s. Visitors can admire part of an extensive collection of historical attires, accouterments and novelties of the higher social classes, which document the extraordinary craftsmanship of the previous generations.

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22. 4. 2017

Mucha museum Prague (Museum Alfonse Muchy)

The world´s first Mucha Museum, dedicated to the life and work of the world-acclaimed Czech ART NOUVEAU artist Alphonse Mucha (1860-1939), is housed in the Baroque Kaunický Palace in the very heart of Prague. A selection of over 100 exhibits comprising paintings, photographs, charcoal drawings, pastels, lithographs and personal memorabilia provides a privileged view into the universe of the artist who is most widely known for the posters he executed for Sarah Bernhardt in the fashionable world of fin-de-siècle Paris. » More »

Kepler in Prague (Keplerovo muzeum)

22. 4. 2017

Kepler museum in Prague (Keplerovo muzeum)

The Museum was founded in 2009, the International Year of Astronomy, thanks to the generosity of the owner of the museum’s premises, Mrs. Jitka Steinwaldová, the professional and organizational support of the Czech Astronomical Society, the financial support of the Magistrate of the Capital City of Prague, and the support of Agentura ProVás, which also prepared the Museum’s exhibits, co-sponsored the project, and operates the Museum.
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Czech Museum of Music (České muzeum hudby)

21. 4. 2017

Czech Museum of Music (České muzeum hudby)

The Museum’s Headquarters and Its Exposition of Musical Instruments Since 2002 the Czech Museum of Music (CMM) has had its headquarters in the former Church of St. Mary Magdalene in Prague’s Lesser Town. This church was built in the 17th century in Baroque style, apparently according to a design by Francesco Caratti.
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Bohemian Garnet Museum Prague (Muzeum českého granátu)

18. 4. 2017

Bohemian Garnet Museum Prague (Muzeum českého granátu)

The Bohemian Garnet Museum is a unique exhibition of outstanding jewellery and objects decorated exclusively with Bohemian garnets. The collection offers a comprehensive overview of jewellery from the early days when Bohemian garnet began to be used in jewellery production until the early twentieth century.
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Johannes Kepler

1. 9. 2016

Johannes Kepler lived in Prague

Johannes Kepler came to Prague as mathematician influenced by Copernicus’ theory and participated in Tycho Brahe’s group in the treatment of Brahe’s very precise measurements of Mars orbit. The tolerant social environment in Rudolfine Prague enabled him to carry out intensely his scientific activities in ideologically broken Europe at the beginning of the 17th century. » More »

29. 4. 2016

Play Across Prague – Outdoor team game in Prague

Explore Prague like a local! Are you sick of places cluttered by tourists? Play Across Prague is a unique team game for you and your mates that takes you through beautiful places in Prague which you wouldn’t visit otherwise. » More »

23. 3. 2016

FREE Pdf Tourist guide PRAGUE CITY LINE – Prague 1 – best sights

Prague 1 still belongs to one of the most attractive parts of the whole Prague. Probably nowhere else you can find such a concentration of historic monuments and places where the history and romance of bygone times are all around you. Hardly anywhere you can stop and relax in numerous of beautiful trim gardens and wellkept parks. Hardly anywhere you can walk on the same paths where were walking Franz Kafka, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and the Golem of Prague or Johannes Kepler. » More »

5. 8. 2015

Restaurant Luka Lu, Prague 1

Balkan zaniness is the theme of this restaurant, a Serbian-Croatian establishment so close to a main street in the Lesser Town that the rumble and red flash of the No. 22 tram is a key component of your dining experience. » More »