Prague Walks

For inspiration to walks in Prague we borrow several advices for wanderers from book of Czech writer Vladislav Dudák: Prague wanderer …, even experienced and hardy mountain dwellers coming to Prague with opinion they arrive at the city of sissies were soon defeated by Prague.

1. Hard pavement and plenty of perceptions make you tired. Therefore, do not overestimate your energy and take care of your suitable footwear.

2. It is worth to purchase a public transport ticket, which is valid for more than 24 hours.

3. Plan of the city is very useful. You should prefere book binding because it is more practical and contains also a list of important addresses and basic information.

Concrete wandering you can select from following porgramme:


Kostel sv. Jana na Skalce 05

12. 4. 2017

Church of St. John of the Little Rock (kostel sv. Jana na Skalce)

This church belongs to the smallest Baroque buildings in Prague. It was built between 1730-1738 by the architect Kilian Ignac Dientzenhofer. » More »

Botanická zahrada015

12. 4. 2017

The Botanical Garden Charles University

The Botanical Garden of Science, Charles University serves not only to teach students of botany, but also as a place for tourists and residents of Prague 2 to relax. » More »

PHA2_Nuselský most11

11. 4. 2017

The Nuselsky Bridge as a Temptation for 300 Self-Murderers

For Praguers it was really a special occasion. Communist prominence were proud of socialism and of working-class glamorous labour abilities. Some thirty-seven years ago Secretary General of the Communist party, Gustav Husák, proudly cut the red band when having been celebrating the Nuselský bridge´s opening. It spans the Nusle Valley (Nusle district) and connects the Pankrác district and south-eastern parts of the city with the central part of town. » More »

9. 4. 2016

FREE Pdf Tourist guide PRAGUE CITY LINE – Prague 2

The New Town of Prague is inherently connected to the greatest ruler of Czech history, Charles IV. At the beginning of Charles’ rule, Prague comprised three towns – the Castle, the Lesser Town of Prague, and the Old Town of Prague. Charles IV decided to build another, far more exten-sive town in the bend of the River Vltava, around the walls of the Old Town. And so: “in the year 1348, on the first indiction, on 8 March, in the third year of our rule…” he founded the New Town of Prague. » More »

23. 3. 2016

FREE Pdf Tourist guide PRAGUE CITY LINE – From Petrin Hill To Prague Castle

Dear friends, this for many the most romantic track in Prague will take you around the most beautiful part of the Prague Petřín Hill, you will not miss the Petřín Lookout Tower, Mirror Maze, Rose Garden or Strahov Monastery. You will pass the places with the most beautiful views and in case of good visibility you will see also the distant surroundings of Prague. » More »

23. 3. 2016

FREE Pdf Tourist guide PRAGUE CITY LINE – Prague 1 – best sights

Prague 1 still belongs to one of the most attractive parts of the whole Prague. Probably nowhere else you can find such a concentration of historic monuments and places where the history and romance of bygone times are all around you. Hardly anywhere you can stop and relax in numerous of beautiful trim gardens and wellkept parks. Hardly anywhere you can walk on the same paths where were walking Franz Kafka, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and the Golem of Prague or Johannes Kepler. » More »

21. 3. 2016

FREE Pdf Tourist guide PRAGUE CITY LINE – Prague 3

Prague´s Žižkov stretches in the town district Praha 3 close to the centre and today we will introduce this quarter to you. We will also tell you about interesting history of Žižkov and its landmarks which make it a popular tourist location. Due to the vibrant night life and also its many cafés, bars and restaurants Žižkov is called Prague´s Montmartre.

» More »

Pha2 - muzeum policie021

7. 5. 2010

18.Church of the Virgin Mary and Saint Charlemagne – Police Museum (kostel panny Marie a svatého Karla velikého – muzeum Policie)

At mount Charles – Mons Sancti Caroli – The highest point of the New Town of Prague, Charles IV. built a church in honor of St. Charlemagne(meaning Charles the Great; 2 April 742 – 28 January 814) and a monastery for the canons regular of St. Augustine. » More »