On October 28, 2008, a significant day of the anniversary of establishment of Czechoslovakia, the National Museum shall open an exhibition with a characteristic name „The Republic“.
It captures the story of the First Czechoslovak Republic. It illustrates atmosphere of that period and presents everything essential we are proud of even today, as well as events that are not much remembered these days.

The exhibition goes back to the period of the First World War, which brought fundamental changes in development of the entire Europe. The fall of Austria-Hungary and the establishment of independent Czechoslovakia present a fundamental chapter of our modern history and the so-called First Czechoslovak Republic is considered the golden age of the Czech and Slovak statehood.

„The Republic“ exhibition introduces the visitors to the home resistance as well as the resistance in exile paying attention also to members of the Legions. For the first time there are exhibited such unique objects as for example Kupka´s posters from the period of his active participation in the French Legions, or the text of the Washington Declaration in the form of telegrams sent by Edvard Beneš to Prague. This offers an exceptional chance to see the treasury with national symbols and objects that represented the new state.

The unique architectonic design of the exhibition draws the visitor into the world of inhabitants of the young state; their ideals, problems, entertainment and worries. It separately presents two different worlds – the life in urban areas and the life in rural areas, of which, however, both were of the same importance for functioning of the Republic. whois In the city the visitors shall join the atmosphere of a bookshop, a café, a fashion house and dwelling of various social classes.

At the same time there cannot be omitted the world of factories and the Great Depression. A specific atmosphere shall offer the rural areas with a church, a school, a farm, an indispensable pub and a „sokolovna“ gymnasium.

An important part of the exhibition is devoted to dissolution of Czechoslovakia; this is dominated by originals of the Munich Agreement, for the first time exhibited out of the territory
of Germany.

Date: 28.10.2008 – 6.7.2009


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