2017 Prague Candy Festival

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10. 9. 2016

Ecotechnical museum – old sewerage plant

Ecotechnical museum is placed at the buildings of old sewerage plant, which is one of the most important buildings of Czech industrial architecture. » More »

Pha1 - Klausova synagoga03

29. 7. 2016

The Klausen Synagogue and Rabbi Löw

The Klausen  Synagogue (czech: Klausová synagoga) is another public building which Mordechai Maisel, head of the Jewish community, had built, funding the work from his own pocket. This baroque synagogue acquired its name from three small buildings called klauses, from which it was created. » More »

PHA-Dům u kamenného zvonu07

28. 7. 2016

The House at the Stone Bell

The House at the Stone Bell on the south side of the square is perhaps the most attractive building on the Old Town Square. It was probably the property of Queen Eliška Přemyslovna, the wife of King John of Luxemburg and was originally a Romanesque structure, proof of which are the 12th-century walls in the cellars. » More »

PHA-Zidovsky hrbitov01

30. 7. 2015

THE OLD JEWISH CEMETERY is called Beth-chaim

ikona_disabled22The Old Jewish Cemetery, adjacent to the Klaus Synagogue, is called Beth-chaim (The House of Life) by the Jews themselves, and is a place of great significance around the world. It is not known exactly when the cemetery was established, but the oldest gravestone found » More »

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4. 11. 2014

Jewish Museum in Prague – description

Jewish Museum(czech: Židovské muzeum) in Prague currently administrates the world´s most extensive collections of objects with the Jewish matter. This primacy particularly belongs to the museum based on more than forty thousand of collection objects and hundreds of thousands books. The museum provides complete information mapping out the life, customs and traditions of the Jewish population in the territory of our country. » More »

22. 12. 2010

The Spanish Synagogue – the youngest yet the most beautiful

The youngest synagogue of the Prague´s Jewish Town Josefov was built at the crossroads of the streets Dušní and Vězeňská between 1867-68. Just like some other synagogues also this one was built in the Moorish style according to the project of Ignác Ullmann and Josef Niklas. The construction was performed in place of the former oldest synagogue called The Old School or „Templ“ which according to the extant historical sources existed already in the 12th century. It was called „school“ because the synagogues used to serve as educational institutes for the inhabitans of the Jewish community. » More »

10. 11. 2010

Novotného footbridge and Bedřich Smetana Museum

Bedřich Smetana Museum belongs to the museums which are incorporated under the National Museum in Prague. However do not look for it in the National Museum. It is located in the building of the previous Old Town Water Town on the right embankment of the river. We will proceed towards the Charles Bridge onto the Novotného footbridge where the museum has resided since May 12th, 1936. You have the opportunity to look at the Smetana Memorial right in front of the building so let´s find out more about the important Czech artist. » More »


11. 3. 2010

„And you shall tell your son…“ Haggadot in the collections of the Jewish Museum in Prague

This exhibition features a selection of the oldest and most interesting Haggadot (the plural of Haggadah) – liturgical texts used during the Seder celebration of the Jewish holiday of Pesach (Passover). As part of the Pesach festivities at home, the biblical story of the Exodus of the Jews from Egyptian slavery, which is related in the Haggadah, is commemorated along with other stories relating to the celebrations. » More »

17. 12. 2009

The palace gardens under the Prague Castle

The Prague Castle is surrounded by many grass areas, parks and gardens that are determined i.a. for relaxation or various cultural events. The palace gardens under the Prague Castle are located on the southern slope of the Hradčany („Castle District“) hill. The gardens actually connect the Prague Castle with the Lesser Town. Let´s go see these botanical gems and enjoy the beauties hidden in the center of Prague. » More »


9. 11. 2009

Jara Cimrman museum

New museum for fans of great genius Jara Cimrman is placed at the basement of old TV tower on Petřín hill. The position of the museum is well chosen, because it was Jara Cimrman, who asisted with designing of famous Eiffel tower in Paris, which was the main inspiration for prague’s old TV tower architects. » More »

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