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PHA01_pomnik mistra Jana Husa07

10. 4. 2017

The Jan Hus Monument commemorates the life of the famous religious reformer

Commemorates the life of the famous religious reformer. It stands on the northern side of the Old Town Square. This group of statues created by Ladislav Šaloun in 1915 represents two groups of people; the first are the victorious Hussite warriors, the second are Protestants forced into exile 200 years later. » More »

Pha1 - Pražský hrad

10. 4. 2017

Prague Castle – Revealed Secret

Let´s visit the secret and for the public unavailable premises of the Prague Castle which many of us do not have a clue about. » More »

10. 4. 2017

St. Castullus Church (kostel sv. Haštala) – Retracing the grave of St. Agnes of Bohemia and other curiosities

There are many mysterious and interesting phenomenons related to the Church of St. Castullus. One of the most significant secrets is the possible grave of the Czech woman saint -Saint Agnes of Bohemia (Czech: Svatá Anežka Česká), or Agnes of Prague (1211 – March 6, 1282) » More »

10. 4. 2017

St. Castullus Church (kostel sv. Haštala)

Our today´s walk towards significant monuments of Prague will take us to the Old Town again. If we go in the north direction from Dlouhá road or through the west side from Revoluční road we will get to so-called Haštalská čtvrť (Castullus Quarter/ Prague district). The name is however not quite official because it was derived from the parish settlement of St. Castullus Church(kostel sv. Haštala). Let´s not hesitate, the Gothic church is already waiting for us. » More »

Prazske Jezulatko

10. 4. 2017

Infant Jesus of Prague – basic information

The Church of Our Lady Victorious hides a historically valuable object that we can call the most famous Czech statue of Infant Jesus of Prague. The Infant Jesus of Prague represents Jesus Christ as a child. Come and see the beautiful statue that used to be and still the symbol of faith and hope for many. » More »

zidovska radnice101114_001

10. 4. 2017

Jewish Town Hall in Prague

Jewish Town Hall – a place where the wall clock goes counterclockwise. This old Jewish Town Hall(czech: Židovská radnice) ranks among the few monuments of Prague-Josefov which have survived the extensive demolitions related to the sanation programs of the Prague´s Jewish ghetto leading to improvement of standard of living and hygienic conditions of the commuity. » More »

Prague 1  Rudolfinum

10. 4. 2017

The Rudolfinum

There is a number of historical buildings in Prague which are considered gems of the national architecture. One of them is also the Rudolfinum on Jan Palach Square (Palachovo náměstí).

Due to its grandiosity it became residence of the Chamber of Deputies for several years. At present we can experience unforgettable moments during concerts of the Czech Philharmonic or other significant social events. Now we want to introduce the impressive building to you. » More »

Pha1 - Zidovska radnice05

10. 4. 2017

Vysoká synagoga (High Synagogue) in Prague

Vysoká synagoga – a private preaching place of the Jewish councilors. The Synagogue, which dominates Červená ulice (Red Street) was built together with Židovská radnice (Jewish Town Hall) in 1577. The construction was, just like the other monuments of the Jewish Community, financed by the rich communal leader Mordechai Maisel. The buidling standing directly opposite the Staronová synagoga (Old New Synagogue) served as a private preaching place of the Jewish councilors. » More »


10. 4. 2017

NERUDOVA STREET – picturesque street is the main road linking the Malá Strana and Hradčany

This steep, picturesque street is the main road linking the Malá Strana and Hradčany. It was once part of the Royal Way, the route sovereigns would follow up to Prague Castle on the day of their coronation. The street has a distinctly baroque appearance, but many of the houses date back to medieval times. » More »

10. 4. 2017

St. Agnes Convent – Legends and other curiosities

Let´s take a look with help of this article at the legends and curiosities of this convent. » More »

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