Miroslav Houšť – classical artists, Prague

© Dagmar Pavlikova

The artistic work of Academy of Art graduate Miroslav Houšt‘ is a continuation of the centuries-old and ongoing classical pictorial tradition. The artist’s work is manifold and it touches on a variety of artistic genres. The artist creates not only monumental figural compositions with mythological themes or subjects from Czech history, but also intimate still lifes, veristic portraits or romantic landscape paintings of the melancholic Bohemian Forest or gaily sunny skies of Calabria. The fruits of the artist’s rich imagination are technically perfect prints full of secret symbols, fabled and real creatures.


Atelier Miroslav Houšť:
Tursko 61, 252 62 ,
Tel: +420 315 786 151,
Fax: +420 315 786 206,
Web: www.pitturaclassica.com,
E-mail: miroslav.houst@seznam.cz

Photo Gallery:

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