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ikona_disabled22The Prague opening of the long-term exhibition The City of K. Franz Kafka and Prague takes place in summer, a time of special significance for Kafka. He was born here on 3rd July 1883, died in a sanatorium at Kierling on 3rd June 1924, and was buried in Prague on 11th June. The symbiosis between Prague and Kafka’s life and work is well known – a linking of destinies that, for several decades, Kafka scholars have studied from every possible angle. Newertheless, this unique exhibition prepared by Centre de Culrura Contemporania de Barcelona (CCCB) provides an opportunity to illuminate the crucial relationship between the man and the city in an entirely novel way. This is due not only to the nature of the exhibits themselves but also, and primarily, to the way the exhibition is thematically presented.The City of K. opened in Barcelona in 1999 and transferred in 2002 to the Jewish Museum in New York, and in 2005 opened in Prague at Hergetova Cihelna.


The shop, situated right in the former Hergetova cihelna, offers a complete range of publications of the work of Franz Kafka, biographical books about Franz Kafka, souvenirs such as postcards, photos, calendars, mugs and much more


Franz Kafka Museum – Hegertova cihelna
Cihelná 2b,
118 00 Praha 1,
Tel: +420 257 535 373,
Fax: +420 257 535 373,

Opening Hours | Mon-Sun | 10:00-18:00

Admission | 120,-CZK full | 60,-CZK reduced

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