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Vítkov Hill

Prague 3 - Vítkov Hill

Vítkovský vrch is another of the Žižkov parks stretching on the right riverbank of Vltava. The Hill is to be found between Žižkov and Karlín and it is separating these parts from each other. Besides a pleasant walk you can view the National Memorial, statue of Jan Žižka or visit the Armádní muzeum (Military Museum) here.

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History Prague 3 - Vitkov Hill
The park was entirely overgrown with trees and other plants in the past. Those woods were later cut down and the Emperor Charles IV established vineyards there. One of the owners who were staying in these vineyards was also the Prague alderman Vítek of Hora according to whome Vítkov Hill was called. Also July 14th, 1420, when the Hussites defeated the Crusaders´army in the battle of Vítkov, was a turning point. In  memory of the triumphal victory of the Hussite army leader Jan Žižka of Trocnov, Vítkov was called Žižkův vrch (Žižka Hill) which was later changed to Žižkov.

Prague 3 - Vitkov Hill - playground After the Thirty Years´ War
The vineyards were seriously damaged during the Thirty Years´ War period and Vítkov was getting surrounded by fortifications and walls. When in1757 the Prussian troops invaded Prague, they left everything upside down and even Vítkov was affected. All the vineyards were destroyed and Vítkov was completely bold. The hill was replanted in 1824 again. The vineyards were replaced by fruit trees but first in the 1890s the Hill was under the direction of František Thomayer turned into urban gardens. After WW1 a sports facility TJ Sokol Praha was founded here.

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The most important moment of the history
Important changes in Vítkov were made between 1929 – 1938 during the construction works on the Memorial in honour of the participants of the fight for the formation of the Czechoslovak Republic. The main purpose of the memorial was to honor the remembrance of the Czech legionaries and of the Czech revolt during WW1. There had been a storage area of Wehrmacht in WW2 here, i.e. of the armed forces of The Third Empire. The memorial was used for propaganda of the Communist regime after 1948 and even significant representatives of the Communist Party were buried here. Further extensive park improvements were carried out at Vítkov due to which new paths for walks came into being and decorative woody plants were planted here. On July 14th, 1950, an equestrian statue of Jan Žižka of Trocnov was revealed at Vítkov on the occassion of the anniversary of the battle of Vítkov. This monumentous bronze statue ranks among the first ten of the world´s greatest equestrian statues. Between 1954–1962 a mausoleum of Klement Gottwald was placed here, too. You will also find Žižkov Armádní muzeum (Military Museum) at Vítkov base.

Vrch Vítkov
Praha 3, 130 00 – Žižkov

Bus: 133, 175, 509 – stations U Památníku, Tachovské náměstí
Bus: 133,136, 509 – Černínova, Ohrada
Tram: 9, 10, 16, 19, 55, 58 – Biskupcova
Metro: B, C – Florenc (from there take a bus Nr. 133, 175 or 509 to the above mentioned stations)

GPS: 50°5’18.288″N, 14°26’58.714″E

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