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Stavovské divadlo (The Estates Theatre)

Stavovské divadlo (The Estates Theatre)

Stavovské divadlo – the place where the Czech national anthem could be heard for the first time. The city of Prague is full of many gorgeous theatre stages yet besides the National Theatre you should really put the Estates Theatre on your must-see list. You will be charmed also by the beautiful rich decoration due to which the performance will turn into an unforgettable experience. Before we visit it now we need to give you details concerning the history and other interesting circumstances related to this Old-Town building.

Stavovské divadlo (The Estates Theatre)

Stavovské divadlo (The Estates Theatre) – panorama picture
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Historical hindsight stavovske-divadlo04
The theatre was forming as a scene for general public. It was constructed due to Count František Antonín Nostic-Rieneck. It took two years to build such a beautiful theatre in classic style and the ceremonious opening took place on  April 21st, 1783. The first play was the Lessing´s tragedy Emilia Galotti. The performance was seen by a thousand visitors.  Later was the seat capacity reduced to six hundred fifty-nine seats, the number which has remained the same until today.

Noted personalities
In 1787 the theatre experienced a great honour, the world-famous genius Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The year of 1799 was a turning point, too, when the theatre was from the original owner Count Nostic purchased by the Czech Estates. The new owners renamed the theatre Stavovské (Estates Theatre), and it has not changed until today. In 1827 the theatre was greeting another important persona, the second bandmaster František Škroup. After WW1 Stavovské divadlo became part of Národní divadlo (National Theatre).

War and post-war period
During WW2 there were naturally no performances here, just like in any other theatres. The theatre was reopened after the revolution of 1945. The opening ceremonious performance was Lucerna (Lantern) by Jirásek. In 1949 the name of the theatre was changed to Tylovo divadlo (Theatre of Tyl)


stavovske-divadlo03 Reconstruction of the theatre
In the eighties and early nineties there was an extensive reconstruction, due to which the appearance of the building was totally changed, mainly the interior. Newly an underground storey was constructed. The colored decoration of the interior was fundamentally changed – from the original white-gold-red combination of the walls to white-gold-blue. During this reconstruction a modern revolving stage was built.

Estates Theatre these days
The theatre is nowadays the second scene of the National Theatre. Mainly dramatic ensembles perform here, further also the opera.

Lucie Niebauerová

Ovocný trh 579/6,
Praha 1 – Staré Město (Prague 1 – Old Town)

GPS: 50°5’9.19″N, 14°25’25.09″E

Metro – A, B – Můstek – from here along the street Na Příkopě, then first turning to the left into the street Havířská

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