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Rieger Gardens in Prague 3

Rieger Gardens

If you are looking for a place to rest in Prague 3, to relax and gain new energy for more wandering in this part of Prague, then Riegrovy sady (Rieger Gardens) are the right choice. These Vinohrady gardens, called after a noted Czech politician, rank by right among the most popular places.

-History of the park Rieger Gardens(czech: Riegrovy sady)
Not everybody will in reference to Riegrovy sady fancy a large urban park which stretches in the neighbourhood of the Prague centre with the area of more than eleven hectars. Let´s  learn about the remote history of the park first. Riegrovy sady were founded in 1902 by linking several neighbouring gardens and settlements. Those were called Kanálka, Saracinka, Pštroska and Kuchyňka. Two years later the Prague garden engineer Leopold Batěk founded an extensive park here which was called after the Czech politician Rieger. In his honour the significant Czech sculptor Josef Václav Myslbek created a statue of him which was ceremoniously revealed right in these gardens in 1913.

Rieger Gardens(czech: Riegrovy sady) - playground The park was renamed in the period of WW2. It was called Smetanovy sady (Smetana gardens) after the famous Czech composer Bedřich Smetana. There used to be a restaurant in the park which was unfortunatelly changed into a building serving for  administrative purposes in 1990s. Also a familiar view tower Mlékárna (Dairy) was built here, later reconstructed and it currently operates a café. So the visitors have an opportunity of a gorgeous view of the Prague centre while drinking coffee. The Dairy is located in the central part off the park. Not too far from the cart track you will also find a sandstone obelisk with bird reliefs.

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Memorial  of F. L. Rieger How to enter the gardens?
Riegrovy sady can be entered from several sides. The first possibility is the entrance from Polská street. From there a big staircase will take you to the park next to which the already mentioned memorial  of F. L. Rieger is to be found. You can also get into the park from Chopinova street. There you can walk along a playground and a restaurant with a café. The third entrance is situated in Vozová street. There you will pass a stone gate which once used to be an entrance to the settlement Saracinka.

At present, the park is used for pleasant walks in every season of the year. There are many resting places, park benches but especially decorative woody plants or flower beds. There is also a sports stadium TJ Bohemians and the sports facilities of Sokol Vinohrady situated in the park premises.

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Riegrovy sady
Praha 3, 130 00

Tram: 11 – Italská
Bus: 135 – Na Smetance
Metro: A – Jiřího z Poděbrad (from there take a tram Nr. 11 to the station Italská)

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GPS: 50°4’52.408″N, 14°26’21.892″E

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