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Parukářka Park and Holy Cross Hill

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Žižkov is not just a place of high houses, shopping centers, bars or restaurants. It has a lot to offer to the lovers of nature which is common for this part of Prague. Vrch svatého Kříže (Holy Cross Hill), rather familiar under the name Parukářka, is its good prove.

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History Parukářka Park and Holy Cross Hill (czech: Vrh svatého Kříže)
Parukářka used to be a wine-growing and farming settlement in the past. The vineyards were founded by the Emperor Charles IV. in the 14th century already. The district was called Hejtmanovská until 1804. The settlement became property of a famous Prague wig-maker Jan Hrabánek in the 19th century and therefore the district was called Parukářka („Wig-maker“ in English). In 1825, the French undertakers Sellier and Bellot established manufacturing of hunting matches here. Matches for hunting loads were manufactured here and some time later also matches for military loads. From 1827 the factory Kapslovna was producing ignition agents for white gunpowder. The factory moved to Vlašim in 1835, due to construction of the houses in the park´s neighbourhood. The last remains of the factory walls can be found close to the trail leading uphill.

Parukářka Park and Holy Cross Hill (czech: Vrh svatého Kříže) Parukářka Park
Parukářka is a gorgeous park in the middle of Žižkov. It is situated between Vítkov and Olšany Cemeteries and it is a very popular tourist place because of its beautiful view of the Prague´s centre. You will find an educational trail in the park with information panels providing interesting facts about Vrch svatého Kříže. You have an opportunity to learn about its history and the present, too, and discover the typical local fauna and flora. After you reach the top you will see an information panel with a panoramatic picture and significat buildings identified on it which you can see from there.

Parukářka Park and Holy Cross Hill (czech: Vrh svatého Kříže) The trail copies the pavement which has two separate parts – one for the pedestrians and one for the bikers. The trail, which is about one kilometre long, was created by Jiřina Poslanecká and Věra Doběrná. Below Parukářka you will also find one of the largest fallout shelters, Bezovka. The park is currently a frequently visited place to walk because from the hill top you have an exceptional view of the entire Prague´s centre and also of the nearby Vítkov Monument or the Žižkov Television Tower.

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Parukářka Park and children Children´s playground
The park is a perfect place for parents with children. There is a big playground with many attractions for children right at the beginning of the park. The playground is fitted with  original children´s attractions, such as tiny timber house springs, a train, slides, a merry-go-round, a bar, spring swings and a rope pyramid and a railway for bigger children. There is a toilet and a roofed garden house for the mummies. The entire playground is surrounded by a fence and locked in the night.

Vrch svatého Kříže – Parukářka
Praha 3, 130 00– Žižkov

Tram: 5, 9, 26. 55, 58 – Olšanské náměstí
Bus: 136, 175 – Olšanské náměstí
Metro: A – Flora (from there take a bus Nr.136, 175 to the station Olšanské náměstí, or walk downhill along Jičínská street)

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GPS: 50°5’7.897″N, 14°27’37.177″E

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