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Olšanské Square

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Another of the Žižkov squares is situated at the intersection of the main streets Olšanská, Prokopova, Táboritská and Jičínská, very close from Olšanské hřbitovy (Olšany Cemeteries). What is the history of this square?

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Settlement and the square name Olšanské Square
Based on the extant records, the place where Olšanské náměstí stretches nowadays was settled for the first time in 1919. However, the square was not called „Olšanské“ but Radešínovo náměstí (Radešínovo Square). The name was derived from Vilém z Radešína who in 1546 received the village Olšany which was located in that area. Originally, the village belonged to St. Ambrose Monastery of the New Town but the New Town citizens took possession of it during the Hussite Wars. The name Olšanské náměstí originated in 1930 and it has been used unchanged until today.

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Olšanské Square Origin of the neighbouring Olšanské hřbitovy (Olšany Cemeteries)
But back to the distant history, this time to the 17th century period when Olšany was still administrated by the Prague Old Town. In 1678 the Old Town established here  graveyards which were determined for burials of the plague victims. The Emperor Joseph II. restricted burials of people in the town centres in 1787, and therefore this cemetary started to be used for burials. The cemetery, familiar as Olšanské hřbitovy, is the greatest necropolis of Prague nowadays. It was changed to a necropolis mainly in 1680, when there was a great plague epidemic in Prague.  At that time sacral buildings consecrated to various patrons against plague were built, too, for instance kostel svatého Rocha (St. Roch Church).

At the north part of Olšanské náměstí a multi-purpose building with a hotel and a restaurant was built between 1988 – 1994. Olšanské náměstí is also a crossing of important main lines of the city public transport.

Olšanské náměstí
Praha 3 – Žižkov

GPS: 50°4’57.053″N, 14°27’27.488″E
GPS: 50.0825147N, 14.4576356E

Tram: 5, 9, 26. 55, 58 – Olšanské náměstí
Bus: 136, 175 – Olšanské náměstí
Metro: A – Flora  – from there take a bus Nr. 136 or 175 to Olšanské náměstí station, or walk along Jičínská street (downhill)

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