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Mystery of Jindrisská Tower


The greatest unique and mainly tourist attraction of Jindřišská Tower is surely the carillon which has no equivalent in Europe. We could perhaps compare it to Japanese style carillon. This article will focus on the bells Jindřišská Tower is hiding inside.


Jindrisská Tower(Jindřišská věž)

First of all we will introduce some of the bells to you Jindřišská Tower
The oldest bell of the belfry is called Maria. Maria was casted by a bell master Bartoloměj in 1518 and weights unbelievable five hundred kilos and measures over a metre in diameter. Although it is the oldest bell it is not the greatest. This supremacy belongs to the bell Jindřich (Henry), which is younger (1680), yet heavier – it weights three thousand and fifty kilos. Another bell this time called Dominik, weighting one thousand kilos, was casted in 1850.


Carillon – popular unique
As you already know from the opening article a carillon was placed in the belfry in 2003 and was created by Petr Rudolf Manoušek. The carillon was placed in the tenth storey of the tower in the original and thus unique truss from 1879. This location was chosen because of the short acoustics, especially suitable for singing and musical instruments.  The unique carillon, or collection of casted bronze bells, was designed as a chamber instrument especially for listening in bounded space, whereby it has become the world´s rarity. It is also used as a serious musical instrument – solo or with other musical instruments which can also be accompanied by singing.


The carillon is also exceptional because of the possibility of pre-setting of one thousand one hundred and fifty-two compositions that can be started automatically or played manually with help of the drivers of the concrete percussion hammers. So there are ten bells placed in St. Henry´s bell tower that together create perfect experience.

  • Besides listening to the gorgeous carillon you can visit Muzeum pražských věží (Museum of Prague towers) with photos and descriptions of a hundred and twenty towers (sixth storey).
  • Numerous performances and exhibitions take place here, too.

Lucie Niebauerová

Jindřišská ulice (Jindrisska street)
Praha 1

GPS: 50° 5′ 6,49“ N, 14° 25′ 48,6“ E

Line A – Mustek stop/station
Line C – Hlavni nadrazi  stop/station
Tram: number  3, 9, 14, 24 -  Jindrisska stop/station
night line 51,52,54,55,56,58 -  Jindrisska stop/station
Public transport

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