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Manes Bridge – significant landmark on the river Vltava

If you make for Prague down the river Vltava you will count several significant bridges. The ninth of them down the stream is Mánes Bridge(Czech: Mánesův most). So today we will learn about the connection between Jan Palach Square in the Old Town and Klárov(Prague district) in the Lesser Town.

Manes Bridge

Basic information Manes Bridge (czech: Mánesův most)
Mánes Bridge is one hundred and eighty-six meters long and sixteen meters wide. There used to stand so-called Rudolph´s footbridge in the past here which was constructed between 1868 – 1869. The bridge which replaced it is a work of the engineers František Mencl and Alois Nový. The architect was Mečislav Petrů. The bridge was opened in 1914 already however the construction works were over two years later. The road surface used to be paved originally, the pavements were decorated by mosaic paving. Unfortunatelly the both paving types were replaced by asphalt in the 1960s. Finally it proved to be an unlucky solution and so the asphalt surface was completely removed after 1992.


Manes Bridge (czech: Mánesův most) Construction and architectonic solutions
Now we will learn about the architectonic elements and construction of the whole monumental construction. Mánes Bridge is completely made of concrete. It further contains four lightweight arch fields. top domains . During the construction of the bridge ferroconcrete was partly used, too.

If looking at the bridge you will be certainly impressed by its artistic performance. You are honoured to see one of the Czech Cubism constructions. Please notice the pillars, too, which contain figural mouldings with the motive of Vltava swimmers´ lives. If you are coming towards the bridge from the direction of the Old Town you will certainly notice the fountains with the spouts. If coming from the opposite side you can take a look at the symbols of the city of Prague and of the whole country. Not far from Jan Palach Square there are proud statues at the bridge-head with the image of the painter Josef Mánes.

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The bridge went through many changes incl. the change of its name. It was carrying the name of the archduke Franz Ferdinand d’Este the crown prince of the Emperor whose assassination in 1914 became the pretense of the beginning of WW1) btw. 1914 – 1920. In 1920 it got a new name Mánes Bridge (after the renowned Czech painter) – the name it has been carrying until today. It is used for car traffic, trams and for the padestrians at present.

Lucie Niebauerová

Náměstí  Jana Palacha (Jan Palach Square)
110 00 Praha 1

Transport connection:
Tram Nr.  17, 18
– Staroměstská station – then walk towards Jan Palach Square and Mánes Bridge
Tram Nr. 12,18,20,22
– Malostranská station and then through a little park along the street Klárov as far as Mánes Bridge

Metro – linka A Staroměstská station  – then walk towards Jan Palach Square and Mánes Bridge
Bus: Nr. 133
– Staroměstská station – then walk towards Jan Palach Square a Mánes Bridge
Public transport
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GPS: 50°5’22.92″N, 14°24’43.92″E

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